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AR Games is a built-in software application on the Nintendo 3DS. It uses the six AR Cards bundled with the console in thirteen augmented reality games that the player progressively unlocks. In addition to using the Mario Card, AR Games features various Super Mario characters and assets.

Games with Super Mario contentEdit

Star PicsEdit

Samus, Mario, Kirby, and Link (clockwise from the top-left) in Star Pics

Star Pics shows 3D models of characters on top of their respective Character Cards, including Mario. The models can be manipulated, such as by changing their position, size, and pose, and then photographed.

When Mario emerges from his card, the first two measures of the "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros. play. Parts of this theme are also used for the game's background music. Mario can be posed to stand (as depicted on the AR Card), sit, fly (like from a Launch Star), jump, or run. The sound effects accompanying these poses are from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Fishing / Fish Gallery / Free FishingEdit

A Lakitu catching a Blooper in Free Fishing
A caught Blooper

The Fishing games feature multiple Super Mario items and enemies that can be caught and collected as "fish".

A Blooper and a Lakitu appear randomly, and the Lakitu will fish the Blooper (which the player can also catch) out of the water.

If lightning strikes the water, the player can catch a Fish Bone.

If the AR Card is placed on a red surface, the player can catch Cheep Cheeps and Green Shells.

Fish GalleryEdit


A drawing of Mario made using the Graffiti application

Mario's likeness appears in the Graffiti art tool. Images of the five Character Cards are available to trace, and the stamp section includes a stamp of a jumping Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros.


Names in other languagesEdit

AR GamesEdit
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ARゲームズ
AR Gēmuzu
AR Games
Chinese AR游戏组合
AR Yóuxì Zǔhé
AR Games Collection
Dutch AR Games: Toegevoegde Realiteit AR Games: Augmented Reality
French (NOA) AR Games -
French (NOE) Jeux en RA : Réalité Augmentée AR Games: Augmented Reality
Italian Giochi RA: Realtà Aumentata AR Games: Augmented Reality
Korean AR 게임즈
AR (Ei Areu) Geimjeu
AR Games
Spanish (NOA) AR Games -
Spanish (NOE) Juegos RA: Realidad Aumentada AR Games: Augmented Reality
Star PicsEdit
Language Name Meaning
Chinese 角色拍摄
Juésè Pāishè
Character Photography
Dutch Sterrenfoto's Star Pictures
French (NOA) Objectif Stars Stars Lens
Italian Foto di stelle Star pictures
Korean 캐릭터 촬영
Kaerikteo Chwaryeong
Character Photography
Portuguese Paparazzi Paparazzi
Spanish ¡Paparazzi! Paparazzi!
Mii PicsEdit
Language Name Meaning
Chinese Mii拍摄
Mii Pāishè
Mii Photography
Dutch Mii-foto's Mii Pictures
French (NOA) Objectif Mii Mii Lens
Italian Foto di Mii Mii Pictures
Korean Mii 촬영
Mii Chwaryeong
Mii Photography
Spanish Fotografía Mii Mii Photography
Language Name Meaning
Chinese 涂鸦
Dutch Graffiti -
French (NOA) Graffiti -
Italian Graffiti -
Korean 낙서
Portuguese Rabiscos Doodles
Spanish Grafiti Graffiti
Archery/Archery 2Edit
Language Name Meaning
Chinese 打靶
Dǎbǎ 2
Target Shooting
Target Shooting 2
Dutch Schietschijf
Schietschijf 2
Target 2
French (NOA) Champ de tir
Champ de tir 2
Shooting range
Shooting range 2
Italian Arciere
Arciere 2
Archer 2
Korean 과녁 맞히기
과녁 맞히기 2
Gwanyeok Machigi
Gwanyeok Machigi 2
Target 2
Portuguese Arqueiro
Arqueiro 2
Archer 2
Spanish Arquero
Arquero 2
Archer 2
Language Name Meaning
Chinese 地球仪
Dutch Wereldbol Globe
French (NOA) Globe Globe
Italian Terra Earth
Korean 지구본
Portuguese Terra Earth
Spanish Globo terrestre Globe
Fishing/Fishing 2Edit
Language Name Meaning
Chinese 钓鱼
Diàoyú 2
Fishing 2
Dutch Vissen
Vrij Vissen
Free Fishing
French (NOA) Pêche
Pêche libre
Free fishing
Italian Pesca
Pesca libera
Free Fishing
Korean 낚시
프리 낚시
Peuri Naksi
Free Fishing
Portuguese Pescaria
Pescaria Livre
Free Fishing
Spanish Pesca
Pesca libre
Free fishing