Donkey Kong's Crash Course

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Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Donkey Kong's Crash Course

Donkey Kong's Crash Course is a minigame that appears in the game Nintendo Land for the Wii U. This game is single player and requires the player to navigate through a maze-like level in a small contraption. It's played by tilting the GamePad. A larger version of roughly half of the map is displayed on the television screen, whilst a view of the player is shown on the GamePad. The gameplay is most likely inspired by the Mine Cart levels in the Donkey Kong Country series, and the background is based on the original Donkey Kong.


There are four courses in total - the first is red, the second is blue, and the final two are more difficult versions of the first two that have elements of the course missing or changed.

The player is awarded an extra life every 2000 points. As with the rest of Nintendo Land, gameplay hints and tips are revealed by Monita as the player plays. In this game, she most notably encourages the player to keep an eye out for shortcuts. Therein lies the secret to getting high scores in this game.


Name How to unlock
Perfect through Area 2 Get to the third Goal Flag of the first course without losing any lives.
Cutting Corners Take a shortcut that bypasses a Goal Flag.
Skip 30 Bananas Purposely miss 30 bananas in the first course and finish the course.
Double Damsel Rescue Finish all four courses.
Perfect Run Finish all four courses without losing any lives.

Related prizesEdit

  • Two songs for the Jukebox:
  Courses 1 & 3 - A medley of Courses 1 and 3's music
File infoMedia:NL DKCC Jukebox 1.oga
  Courses 2 & 4 - A medley of Courses 2 and 4's music
File infoMedia:NL DKCC Jukebox 2.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?
  • Gear Crank (Left): This handle turns smoothly thanks to revolutionary technology. Truly revolutionary. You know...because it rotates.
  • Gear Crank (Right): It took three years of intensive research to develop a handle that turns this smoothly. In hindsight, it has been increasingly clear that the time could have been better spent.
  • Goal Flag: It's all too easy to crash just before you pass the flag. Don't get careless!


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンキーコングのクラッシュコース
Donkīkongu no kurasshukōsu
Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Dutch Donkey Kongs hindernisbaan Donkey Kong's Obstacle Course
French Le circuit périlleux de Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's Perilous Circuit
German Donkey Kongs Crashkurs Donkey Kong's Crash Course
Italian Il pericolante percorso di Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's Precarious Path
Portuguese Andaime Infernal do Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's Infernal Scaffoldings
Russian Опасный маршрут Донки Конга
Opasnyy marshrut Donki Konga
Donkey Kong's Dangerous Route
Spanish La pista de obstáculos de Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's Obstacle Course



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