Here on the wiki, we have a YouTube widget installed. You may take any video from YouTube and put it on the wiki to play. However, there are two rules:

  • YOUTUBE VIDEOS SHOULD ONLY BE EMBEDDED IN YOUR USER PAGE, NOT ON ANY ARTICLE, TEMPLATE, OR ANY OTHER MAINSPACE. Certain YouTube videos can be used as reference links in the reference section of articles, but do not embed the video in the article itself.
  • You may only embed up to SIX videos on your user page: any more than this is excessive and may start causing problems for other users' computers.

Embedding videos

To include videos, you must take the ID of the video; which can be found in the URL after the v= text, and put it in inside the {{#widget:YouTube|id=}} tag after the equals sign. So for this Super Mario Odyssey trailer, the video ID is u6oPBIVjf8E. Here's what the embed looks like, with the code used:


Video size

The width and height parameters can be defined to specify custom dimensions. For example: