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Li'l Oinks
From left to right: 2 Question Mark Li'l Oinks, a Mushroom Li'l Oink, a Tiger Li'l Oink, a White Li'l Oink, another Mushroom Li'l Oink, and a Pink Li'l Oink
“I wish the whole world was filled with Li'l Oinks.”
Toad, Paper Mario

Li'l Oinks, also formatted as Li'l-Oinks, are pig-like animals found in Paper Mario. They have a variety of different patterns on their skin. Unlike most other characters and creatures in the game, Li'l Oinks are fully three-dimensional. They are raised at the Li'l Oink Farm (referred to as "Oink-Oink Farm" in Goombario's Tattle) near Toad Town's train station.

Mario can buy a Li'l Oink egg for 10 Coins. By hitting the egg with his Hammer, the egg will hatch into a random Li'l Oink. Mario can have up to ten Li'l Oinks in the Li'l Oink pen, but the moment the 11th is hatched, the first Li'l Oink will run away, leaving behind an item. If Mario chooses to collect this item by entering the pen, however, all the Li'l Oinks will get scared and run away. Mario can, however, ignore the item to keep his Li'l Oinks. The Li'l Oinks will leave in the same order they were hatched, so if, for example, Mario wants the item held by the second Li'l Oink, he will need to hatch twelve eggs. If he wants the item held by the third one hatched, thirteen eggs are needed, and so on. If Mario is very quick, he can collect two consecutive Li'l Oinks' items by quickly releasing two more into the pen, then rushing to collect the first item released as it flashes before disappearing. The second item will then still be in the pen to be collected.

If the player is fast enough, it is entirely possible to collect three items in a row, as the Spin Dash can make it possible using the same method as shown above. The player must collect the first item as it is flashing, the second item as it starts to flash, and the third item before it flashes.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, in the e-mail from Pine T. Jr., he notes that his father takes care of Li'l Oinks in Toad Town. In the English version of the game, the mention of Li'l Oinks in this e-mail is mistranslated as "Bubu", which is derived from their Japanese name, "Būbū-san". During Chapter 4, the residents of Twilight Town are turned into pigs that look very similar to Li'l Oinks.

Items collected[edit]

There are ten varieties of Li'l Oinks, and each one holds a different item. In order of rarity from left to right, this table lists the items obtainable from the Li'l Oinks and their chances of appearing.

Image Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink Li'l Oink
Color / Pattern White Black Flower Pink Tiger Question mark Mushroom Star Silver Gold
Item dropped Super Shroom Dried Shroom Maple Syrup Fire Flower Thunder Rage Repel Gel Life Shroom Shooting Star Jammin' Jelly Ultra Shroom
Jelly Shroom
Chance of appearing 15/101 (14.85%) 15/101 (14.85%) 7/101
15/101 (14.85%) 16/101 (15.84%) 7/101

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy[edit]

Name Image Appears in American English Description British English Description
Li'l Oinks Li'l Oinks trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U N64 Paper Mario (02/2001) In Paper Mario, Mario stumbles across a farm in Toad Town where these little guys live a peaceful existence. In exchange for a few coins, you can get a Lil' Oink egg that will hatch into a random Lil' Oink. It could be silver or gold or have spots or tiger stripes... Just don't forget about the adventure you're on! In Paper Mario, these little guys live a happy, quiet life on a farm in Toad Town. In exchange for a few coins, you can get a Li'l Oink egg, which will hatch into a random Li'l Oink. It could be silver or gold or have spots or tiger stripes... Just don't let yourself get too distracted from the actual quest!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブーブーさん
Portmanteau of「ブーブー」(būbū, an onomatopoeia meaning "oink") and「さん」(-san)
The farm is referred to as「ブーブーぼくじょう」(Būbū Bokujō, with bokujō meaning "farm") in the game, but「ブーブーさん牧場」(Būbū-san Bokujō) on Nintendo's Japanese website.[1]
Chinese 呼—噜先生
Hū-lū Xiānsheng
Mr. Hu-lu (Hu-lu is an onomatopoeia for pig's sound)
French P'tit Gruik Little "Gruik" (French onomatopoeia for pig's sound)
German Grunzolyth Portmanteau of grunzen (to oink) and probably Akolyth (acolyte) for the suffix
Italian Maialino Piglet
Spanish Cerdito Piglet


  • The tiger-patterned Li'l Oink has a very similar color scheme to Pikachu from the Pokémon franchise. It also drops a Thunder Rage, possibly referencing Pikachu's Electric type.
  • Li'l Oinks are the only repeatable source of Repel Gels.


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