List of references in animated television

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This article is about references to the Super Mario games in animated shows. For animated shows based on the Super Mario games, see List of television series and films.

The following is an alphabetical list of Super Mario-related sightings and references in animated and anime television shows. For a list of references in live-action television, see List of references in live-action television.


Some episodes feature background music that sounds similar to the Grass Land map theme and Hammer Bro's theme from Super Mario Bros. 3. Examples of such episodes include "The (Almost) Graduate" and "Major Unfaithfulness".

The 7DEdit

In "The Jollywood Jam", the dwarves (except for Happy) end up in an 18-bit universe similar to Super Mario Bros.

Adventure TimeEdit

In "The Pajama War", one of the ingredients Princess Bubblegum uses for her edible fire recipe is a red flower which has a similar appearance to that of a Fire Flower.

In "Jermaine", Jermaine uses a vacuum to suck up one of the demons, similar to Luigi's Mansion.

In "Guardians of Sunshine", the level of the game that Finn and Jake are playing resembles the Castle stages from Super Mario Bros., even containing coins that resemble the ones from said game. the bomb item in the game Finn and Jake play is pronounced "Bom-buh", likely a reference to the way "Bob-omb" is pronounced, with an additional syllable and extra letters. At one point, Finn sings a tune that sounds similar to the Super Mario Bros. "Ground Theme".

Ajin: Demi-HumanEdit

In "But That Makes it Interesting, So Whatever", Okuyama makes an analogy that people do not play video games to save the princess at the end, but rather because trampling turtles is fun.


In "The Seven Faces of Genie", Genie is seen wearing a plumber outfit similar to what Mario and Luigi wear in Mario Bros..

The Amazing World of GumballEdit

Ocho hitting the block in "The Tape".

Ocho is a recurring character that appears as an 8-bit alien, and is used for many references to Super Mario and other video game franchises. As an example, in "The Tape", Ocho hits a gigantic, yellow block similar to a ? Block to get cash for a vending machine. During gym class, he also uses a cheat which gives him a rainbow appearance and speeds him up, similar to a Super Star.

The premise of the later episode "The Uncle" is that Ocho has an uncle called Mario who has a go-kart, is scared of ghosts and likes dinosaurs, stars and princesses; Gumball takes this to mean that his uncle is the same Mario from the video games; in his excitement, he goes around Elmore jumping over people's heads and entering pipes, with similar melodies such as one close to the Level Clear theme from Super Mario Bros. playing, and even repeating Mario's catchphrases (e.g. "Yahoo!" and "Let's-a go!"). Later, Ocho's Uncle Mario actually appears playing golf with Ocho, wearing an outfit similar to the actual Mario and a vaguely similar saying to his catchphrase ("Hey, it's me, Mario" instead of "It's a-me, Mario!").

Other references made on the show are listed as follows:

  • In the pilot episode "The Early Reel", Carrie's design heavily resembles a Boo.
  • In "The Third", when Tobias is changing colors, the sounds from Donkey Kong can be heard.
  • In "The Blame", during the video game montage, one part of the scenery references the Super Mario series.
  • In "The Fury", the anime flashback has Nicole fighting an opponent who resembles Bowser in his Rookie mask from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga in a tournament.
  • In "The Shippening", when the Hamburger Cop looks inside the back of the Van Shopkeeper's van, a Banzai Bill can be seen in there.
  • In "The Drama", when Gumball and Darwin jump off of Dolphin Man to get to the freeway, Darwin says "Sweet Christmas, you totally Yoshi’d that poor guy", directly referencing the ability to jump off Yoshi in Super Mario World, which is often done to gain a second jump while over a pit (usually causing Yoshi to fall in).

American Dad!Edit

A post[1] in the series' official Facebook page from roughly a month before the release of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U shows protagonist Stan holding a gigantic hammer standing in an environment nearly identical to the ones usually found in Super Mario games, most notably Super Mario 3D Land.

In Season 3, Episode 16: "Spring Breakup", at Roger's spring break party, there is a brief scene involving a gorilla that resembles Donkey Kong, who is standing atop a mountain of beer kegs. The gorilla proceeds to toss a keg down to two frat boys in a similar manner to Donkey Kong throwing a barrel from the original Donkey Kong game.

In Season 6, Episode 8 "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls", when Bob Todd is teaching Roger moonshining, Roger jumps over barrels of moonshine, similar to Donkey Kong.

In Season 6, Episode 11 "A Pinata Named Desire", Mario appears on Barry's shirt in a flashback, wearing a chef-like hat instead of his usual cap.

In Season 6, Episode 14 "School Lies", Mario, along with other video game characters such as Pac-Man and Sonic, appears on a poster on an arcade door. The arcade also has a machine that resembles Donkey Kong.

In Season 13, Episode 17 "Twinanigans", Roger puts on a fake mustache and asks if it is "too Super Mario".

In Season 17, Episode 5 "Into the Woods", in Stan’s Halloween flashback, one of the children is wearing a Mario costume.

In Season 18, Episode 17 "The Sinister Fate!!", Jeff not only notes that Hayley doesn't have a mustache like Wario, but later says she's angry just like him.


Season 1, Episode 16b: "Bizarre Bazaar"
The characters Anne and Sprig get into a giant cockroach race against a character named "Wrecker". During the race, Wrecker uses a blue-shelled beetle, which automatically hits Anne and Sprig after they take the lead. After they get hit, Sprig says "Wow, that didn't feel balanced", referring to how unbalanced the Spiny Shell is considered.

Season 3, Episode 1: "The New Normal"
One of the Fridge Magnets resembles Mario, but with a yellow hat and purple overalls (similar to Wario's classic outfit) and a capital "P" on both of them.

Season 3, Episode 7a: "Spider-Sprig"
A character that looks exactly like Mario gives Sprig a sushi pizza.

Angry Birds Slingshot StoriesEdit

In the episode, "Super Angry Bros.", Red appears from a wooden structure shaped like a Warp Pipe. He then stomps on a Minion Pig similarly to how Mario stomps on Goombas. He then finds a box that acts like a ? Block, with Bomb acting as a Fire Flower, where he lands on top of Red and spits fire at a stack of three Minion Pigs, similarly to how Fire Mario throws fireballs at his enemies. After jumping into two pits, Red and Bomb bash a plank that acts like a Coin Block. They then look at an onscreen timer and realize they have eighteen seconds left and encounter a large amount of Minion Pigs, with some of them being gold. Chuck then speeds in to help the two birds finish the course to knock down all the surrounding pigs and reach the Goal Pole with one second left. The course turns out to actually be an act created by Foreman Pig, who intended to lock the birds in a cage. When Foreman Pig shows the birds that they were supposed to be captured, Red, Chuck and Bomb nervously leave to start the course again.

Animaniacs (2020)Edit

In the fifth episode's Pinky and the Brain segment, "No Brainer", Brain is in Tokyo getting chased by the yakuza in a car at the beginning. Brain radios Pinky who, much to his chagrin, is distracted by an "Italian Brothers Mustache" game on what looks like a Super Famicom. Pinky warns the character he is playing as (who resembles Brain in a Super Mario Kart-style game) to "Watch out for that banana peel!", which soon applies to the actual Brain as the yakuza throws a banana peel to cause Brain's car to spin out. Later, at the end of the episode, when Pinky drives their car off a bridge, he reassures Brain that "That Italian mustache brother will save us."

In the episode "WARnerGAMES", the video game Wakko plays "Brawl 'n' Bash Siblings" is a parody of the Super Smash Bros. series. The game features characters that are also parodies from the games. "Maria" and "Luisa" are parodies of "Mario" and "Luigi", their jumping sounds are similar to those from Super Mario Bros. games. Also, Jackass Monkey is a parody of Donkey Kong.


In the "A Word from Us Kids" segment for the episode "Arthur's Dummy Disaster", a certain child has a dummy which he calls "Mario". He describes the dummy, which appears as a crudely-drawn Mario, as being very athletic.

Francine's parody version of Mario.

In the TV special "Arthur's Perfect Christmas", one of Muffy's lines in a song describes that presents mean nothing if her friend Francine is not by her side. As she sings this, Francine appears in a Mario outfit at the end of a level, and is hit by a bunch of rolling barrels.

Back to the FutureEdit

Season 2, Episode 6: "Bravelord and the Demon Monstrux"

The sound effects for the video game BraveLord and Monstrux were taken from Super Mario Bros.

Beavis and Butt-HeadEdit

In the episode "Virtual Stupidity", upon hearing about a mall employee selling virtual reality headsets, Beavis states, "I've always wanted to go inside a video game and eat some coins and kick Luigi in the nads."

Big City GreensEdit

The repairman who resembles Mario

In the episode "DependaBill", Doug's repairman resembles Mario.

In "Spaghetti Theory", Gloria has to jump on top of people to reach the apartment; she then has to dodge barrels a man is throwing off a building, a reference to Donkey Kong.

Big Hero 6: The SeriesEdit

In the season 1 episode "Big Hero 7", Warp Pipe sound effects can be heard in the background when the characters visit the "Mole Hole". Additionally, the "Krush Fred" arcade machine uses the Donkey Kong font.

Big MouthEdit

In "The ASSes", when Jay lashes out on Nick's parents during a game of Fortnite, Elliot calls him Wario and suggests that he should go back to Mario.

Bob's BurgersEdit

Season 5, Episode 9: "Speakeasyrider"

During a billboard shot of a go-cart competition, one of the teams in the A-League is named "Super Mary Go Kart".

Season 5, Episode 11: "Can't Buy Me Math"

When Darryl & Rosa get back together over the arcade game they're playing, Jocelyn says they're like Mario & Luigi.


Season 1, Episode 12: "American Doll"

During the launching ceremony for a trip into space, a gentleman greatly resembling Wario claims he will rule the city of Mexifornia, now that Mario Lopez is boarding the shuttle.

Brandy & Mr. WhiskersEdit

In the episode "Lame Boy", Mr. Whiskers plays a parody of Donkey Kong called Monkey Maniacs 3 on a Game Boy-like handheld.


In "Saved by the Balls", Steve makes up a fake name of "Mario Brothers" and tells his story to a Russian mafia, which is the plot to the original Super Mario Bros. game. He says that Denzel's name is "Ted Tris", a pun on "Tetris".

In "Global Warning", Malloy can be seen playing a game called "Slaughter House 5", which features graphics resembling the original Super Mario Bros.


The poster for Breadwinners bears a striking resemblance to the artwork for Super Mario World.

Thug Loaf
Buhdeuce was trying to save SwaySway from the vicious biker ducks after revealing there were no bread in the rocket van. Buhdeuce tries to get through by jumping, which makes a sound effect similar to the one from Super Mario Bros.

When SwaySway and Buhdeuce are blasted out of their house, Green Shells can be seen in the background.

Lil' Loafie
SwaySway and Buhdeuce "Level Up" into Plumber Ducks, looking similar to Mario and Luigi, to retrieve Lil' Loafie, who was held captive in T-Midi's house.

Bad to the Duck Bone
Buhdeuce rides in a Junior Clown Car colored in his likeness.

Shrunken Ducks
The mushroom caps protruding from the Grow Bread bear a great resemblance to Super Mushrooms. The title card for this episode also uses a font resembling the Super Mario logo.

My Fair Frog
One of the objects SwaySway pulls out of his pocket is a purple Potted Piranha Plant.

Near the end of the episode where Buhdeuce says “Let’s eat that bread!”, the sound effect when entering a pipe can be heard briefly.

Bubble GuppiesEdit

In the episode "The Restaurant", Deema's mustache was based on Mario from Super Mario Bros..

In the episode "Get Ready For School!", while Gil and Molly are trying to choose what to do in the space school, the dress area choice had a dress and crown that looks identical to Princess Peach's dress and crown.

In the episode "The Police Cop-etition", the coin-collecting sound from Super Mario Bros. can be heard when Nonny and his chicken are looking across the street during Deema's segment.

Bunny MaloneyEdit

Bunny can sometimes be seen playing a game resembling Super Mario in several episodes.

Cardcaptor SakuraEdit

In the episode "Sakura and Kero Big Fight", when Kero discovers he is in the house of that girl that calls him "No-No", a monkey plush that bears a great resemblance to Donkey Kong Jr. can be seen.

The CasagrandesEdit

  • In the episode "Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner", the coin sound effect can be heard.
  • In the episode "Achy Breaky Art", Carl leaps into a cloud prop and uses a fishing rod similar to the Fishin' Lakitu.
  • In the episode "Squawk in the Name of Love", the plant that Sergio gives Priscilla looks like a potted Piranha Plant.
  • In one of the tie-in graphic novels, "Friends and Family", the little girl on page 37 resembles Lulu. Coincidentally, Lulu's voice actress, Alex Cazares, voiced Carl.


Reggie's dad, Bruno Bullnerd, wear a brown suit, red tie and a hairstyle that significantly resembles those of Donkey Kong. Bruno is seen in "Disappearing Act", "The Heist", "That Sinking Feeling", and "Day of the Living Mall".

Charley and MimmoEdit

In the 28th episode of Charley and Mimmo, titled "The Goldfish", Charley is seen wearing similar clothing to Mario.


The Mario and Luigi-like men appear to measure Chowder and Mr. Fugu.
Chowder as Mario, Gorgonzola as Bowser, and Panini as Princess Peach.

In the episode "Chowder and Mr. Fugu", Chowder tries to find a place where he and Mr. Fugu can find food for themselves without Mr. Fugu eating his. He finally stops at a place where "every dish is different". The two men that take Chowder's order greatly resemble Mario and Luigi, though they only appear on-screen for seconds. They also have a Brick Block-like pattern on their overalls.

In the episode "Sniffleball", Chowder must run 14 bases in a game of sniffleball so that he can leave the game. One of the bases features him, Gorgonzola, and Panini in an area that resembles a castle in Super Mario Bros.; in an 8-bit scene, a song similar to the Underground Theme plays as Chowder jumps off Gorgonzola's head and into a Warp Pipe, and Gazpacho declares him "safe". A sound from the Atari 2600 version of Donkey Kong can be heard as soon as Gazpacho comes out of the pipe.

The Bowser lookalike in "Big Ball".

In the episode "Big Ball", Chowder and Mung Daal joined Team Macadamia when Truffles became coach to Team Goulash to win the game. In some scenes of the episode, Chowder's Macadamia cap looks similar to the Mario Cap. At the end of the episode, it turns out that the Big Ball stadium is on the back of a giant turtle that resembles Bowser, who says "game over" and throws the stadium into a giant trash can.

The Lead Farfel from "Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel" resembles a Thwomp.

In the special pop-up commentary episode of "Stinky Love", the costumer is said to be based off of Mario.

In the episode "The Garden", there is a plant resembling a Piranha Plant that swallows Chowder.

During the fight scene in the episode "The Moldy Touch", a soundclip of one of Bowser's roars can be heard.

In "Apprentice Appreciation Day", the ugly Chowder lookalike highly resembles Wario.

Chuck's ChoiceEdit

In the episode Area 53, one of Chuck's possible choices is a sprite of him jumping in a similar pose to Mario.


A Mario wrestler lookalike fighting his opponent with a Waluigi-esque hat.

Right at the beginning of "The Tunnel", Clarence and Sumo are watching a TV at the storefront of a TV shop. A wrestling program called "Aww Snap" is being broadcasted. The fighter on the right resembles Mario, while the one on the left wears an purple hat with a "P" emblem, resembling Waluigi's.

In "Escape from Beyond the Cosmic", when Jeff gives Clarence a piece of grass, the sound of an item coming out of a ? Block can be heard.

Class of 3000Edit

Li'l D climbing to the top of the construction site to reach the gorilla.

In the episode Funky Monkey, a gorilla escapes from the class and takes refuge at the top of a construction site. Li'l D climbs the platforms to reach him as the gorilla throws barrels at him, Donkey Kong-style. Li'l D even uses a large mallet to knock the barrels away.

The Cleveland ShowEdit

In the episode "Brownsized", Donna gives an inspirational speech about Cleveland's job hunt. At one point, she mentions a gorilla of life throwing barrels at him, being too weak to jump and no sledgehammer in sight, which is an allusion to Donkey Kong.

In the episode "A Brown Thanksgiving", while the Browns are playing football, Rallo at one point jumps over Cleveland Brown Jr. in the same way that Mario jumps. Additionally, a coin appears over Cleveland Brown Jr.'s head, complete with the coin sound effect from Super Mario Bros. when Rallo collects the coin.

Clone HighEdit

In the 10th episode of MTV's short-lived animated series, JFK is playing a Game Boy in the back of a car as Abe Lincoln and Cleopatra are making out while trying to mourn the loss of his friend Ponce. As he's playing, JFK loses a life, causing him to say "Now Mario's dead! I'm killing everyone! ... Why couldn't Ponce have three lives like Mario?!"

Close EnoughEdit

In the episode "The Perfect Couple", Bridgette and Alex go to an arcade bar called "Mario and Brewigi".

Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad IslandEdit

The episode "Sir Nut-A-Lot" contains various parodies of the Super Mario franchise, including a game parody called "Super Chef Brothers", Slip and Slide dressed as Mario & Luigi, Mr. Greenrind dressed as Princess Peach, and a bonus level that's a parody of Donkey Kong.

Codename: Kids Next DoorEdit

The Cartoon Network Extra bumper includes bouncing balls that resemble Chain Chomps.

Code MonkeysEdit

Clarence's room can only be accessed through an orange Warp Pipe which sticks out from his ceiling.

References from The Woz and Stonervision.

In Season 1 Episode 1, titled "The Woz", when Mr. Larrity introduces himself to Dave and Jerry, they pass through environments that are graphically and architecturally very similar to World 1-2 and World 1-4 of Super Mario Bros. A Koopa Troopa-like turtle is also seen in this area, which Dave jumps on, sliding it under Jerry and Larrity and knocking them over; Clarence then disappears in a Warp Pipe. Later, when Black Steve shoots his gun at Dave and Jerry, an angry face can be seen on it akin to a Bullet Bill. A Shy Guy's mask also can be seen hanging on the wall in Steve Wozniak's office.

In Season 1 Episode 3, titled "Stonervision", the underwater room in the Stonervision headquarters looks a lot like the water levels from Super Mario Bros.. A squid-shaped jellyfish also appears in this room, which is most likely a reference to Bloopers. Another Koopa Troopa-like turtle appears in the animal area of the Stonervision headquarters. Later, when Jerry tries to ask Mary out on a date, he tries to give her a flower that resembles a Fire Flower.

References from Super Prison Breakout, Larrity's Got Back and The Take Over.

In Season 1 Episode 4, titled "Super Prison Breakout", a Bill Blaster appears, shooting prison inmates right into a wall. In the high security area, the warden says the reason why an inmate named Giovanni is in jail is because he murdered an ape who was trying to have a relationship with a woman; Giovanni's description and appearance significantly resembles Mario. When the camera scrolls down the GameaVision headquarters to Larrity and Dean, his son, at the vault room, a Koopa Troopa can be seen between the floor and the ceiling on a Warp Pipe.

In Season 1 Episode 6, titled "The Take Over", a fictional Japanese video game company by the name of "Protendo" visits GameaVision headquarters. When Dave ate one of the items that his eating competition mentor gave him, it causes him to grow a little bit bigger, somewhat like a Super Mushroom, with the accompanying sound playing every time he ate.

In Season 1 Episode 7, titled "Larrity's Got Back", a Banzai Bill-like bullet can be seen on Larrity's desk for $100.

References from IPO, Wrassle Mania and The Revenge of Matsui.

In Season 1 Episode 8, titled "IPO", Dean's fake game "Super Mega Bro Bro" is a reference to Super Mario Bros. The style of the title name copies the game's original colors as well. Dave's robot Scoot-Scoot also looks similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System accessory R.O.B.

In Season 1 Episode 11, titled "Wrassle Mania", a dark-skinned Princess Peach lookalike can be found in the crowd at the strip club in the scene where Dave looks for Sergei.

In Season 1 Episode 13, titled "The Revenge of Matsui", the cover of Clarence's video game is a reference to the cover of Super Mario Galaxy, the name of Clarence's game is "U R MR GAY", alluding to the rumor surrounding Super Mario Galaxy's box art cover. A giant NES is seen on top of the Protendo headquarters building. When Benny is riding with Larrity, Benny is holding a sandwich full of coins from Super Mario Bros.

References from The Story of 420, My Pal Jodie and Dave Gets Boobs.

In Season 2 Episode 1, titled "The Story of 420", a parody PSA in the style of Donkey Kong 3 is shown. Also, the bushes in the background in the scene with the turnip patch are from Super Mario World.

In Season 2 Episode 2, titled "My Pal Jodie", a small Banzai Bill can be seen in the closed-up photograph on the attempted assassination right before the trial. A black-colored Princess Peach can also be seen as part of the cardboard-cutout jury.

In Season 2 Episode 3, titled "Psychological Problems", the select episode screen is a parody of the Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet game select screens. At one point, Benny gains a Super Star from Super Mario Bros. and becomes Super Benny.

In Season 2 Episode 4, titled "Dave Gets Boobs", Jerry hands Dave a flower that resembles a lot like a Fire Flower.

References from Trouble in the Middle East, Benny's Birthday, The Great Recession and Dave's Day Off.

In Season 2 Episode 9, titled "Trouble in the Middle East", Jerry and Mr. Larrity both go down a golden Warp Pipe to a gold room, in which a Zelda-style "puzzle solved" tone is heard. In the "Pee Dream" flashback dream, the toilet that Jerry runs to and cries in is a Warp Pipe. The desert background behind the jail is the same one in World 2 of Super Mario Bros. 3.

In Season 2 Episode 10, titled "Benny's Birthday", when Mr. Larrity states that Benny is seven, an "Ins Service" degree comes up with a signature on it saying "MARIO". When Benny is attacked by bears, he says "It's on like Donkey Kong, bitch."

In Season 2 Episode 11, titled "The Great Recession", when Dave is shown around the "Stink-E-Cheese", a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's, one of the games in the arcade is called "Monkey Dong", a reference to Donkey Kong.

In Season 2 Episode 12, titled "Dave's Day Off", in the sequence between Dave's secret office and the conference room, A Koopa Troopa can be seen on the Warp Pipes. In the scene where Mr. Larrity assesses the guiltiness of Dave and Mary, the "VS" in the top-center of the screen is in Mario Bros.-style arcade font.

In Season 2 Episode 13, titled "Car Robber Sunnydale", the toilet in the bathroom is a Warp Pipe. Black Steve also derisively refers to Mr. Larrity's father as "Honkey Kong".

Courage the Cowardly DogEdit

In the episode "Mondo Magic", the villainous magician Mondo has a spiked turtle shell that resembles Bowser's shell.

The CriticEdit

Franklin's Donkey Kong-inspired hallucination.

Episode S2E08: "Frankie and Ellie Get Lost (originally aired May 7, 1995)

While Franklin is driving to the airport, he starts hallucinating, and imagines that he is in a video game with a gorilla tossing barrels at him. The car horn doubles as the jump button, rewarding Franklin with points for each jump he makes.


In the episode "Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, AKA FuF Festival", the fake Game Creation Club's booth during the school festival features an exterior that appears to be strongly based off of the castles seen at the goals in Super Mario Bros..

Dagashi KashiEdit

Kokonotsu holding the package of Super Mario-Kun Comic Gum

In season 2, episode 12 ("I'm Back, Welcome Back, and...", originally aired March 30, 2018), Kokonotsu and Hotaru chew Super Mario-Kun Comic Gum, a brand of gum that comes with Super Mario-Kun comics.[2]

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High SchoolEdit

Despair Arc Episode 2: "My Impurest Heart for You" (originally aired July 21, 2016)

Ibuki Mioda placed back on the race track by a Lakitu-esque character.
A Super Smash Bros.-like game featuring an ape character similar to Donkey Kong.

The characters play video games similar to the Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart series. The Super Smash Bros. game has an ape character who looks similar to Donkey Kong. In the Mario Kart game, Ibuki Mioda gets a Lightning item, but is hit by Hiyoko Saionji under the effect of a Super Star and knocked into the water, and is fished out by a character similar to a Lakitu before Hiyoko hits her again.

Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodEdit

Daniel's Allergy (aired September 7, 2016)

Daniel envisions himself in a video game based on a modified World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros.

Danny PhantomEdit

In Teacher of the Year, Tucker shows Technus all thirteen levels that are similar to all eight worlds from Super Mario Bros. 3. Also, the coin sound effect can be heard a few times.

Darkwing DuckEdit

Episode 84: "The Frequency Fiends" (originally aired Oct. 17, 1992)

During the climax of the episode, Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn and Megavolt build a life-sized level of the video game Son of Whiffle World to distract the Frequency Fiends, who are energy-being clones of Gosalyn). Although the Whiffle Boy series is more of a spoof of the Mega Man series, the level shown has a similar design to the first level of Donkey Kong; Darkwing, dressed as Whiffle Boy, had to leap over drums thrown down from the top level by Launchpad in order to rescue Gosalyn, who was dressed like a princess.

Dexter's LaboratoryEdit

"Copping an Aptitude (2001)"

In one scene, Dexter is studying while three college students are playing Mario Kart 64. The girl says, "Ha! Eat my dust, Toad!" The boy says, "Oh yeah? Well here comes the leader shell!" The second boy then says, "Here's Lightning for both of you!" Dexter tells the three to shut up, and the sound that plays when a player completes a lap can be heard.

During the interval between the 5th and 6th generation of video games, the cartoon showed a section called Juego del Mes (Spanish for "Game of the Month") for the Latin American version of Cartoon Network, nominating the best video game for N64 and GameCube.[3]

Diego and GlotEdit

In the episode "Game Over" from the second season, the box for the "SegaStation Wii 364" features Sonic the Hedgehog with a Mario cap.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.Edit

Saiki and Nendou playing what looks like Mario Kart.

In "Summer Break! Clinical Testing Job", after taking experimental pills, Saiki and Nendou are seen playing what looks like a Mario Kart game, with Nendou playing as a character that looks similar to Bowser.


In Part 3, Episode 10, one scene makes a reference to the first level of Donkey Kong.

Don't Toy with Me, Miss NagatoroEdit

In the episode "You're Such a Wimp, Senpai", Senpai is in a fantasy world as an RPG-like fighter (later revealing it to be a nightmare that Senpai was having due to the drawings he made) believing he should join forces with Nagatoro and Gamo. Gamo points out that they are missing a fourth character and upon saying that, an egg resembling a Yoshi's Egg appears. Shortly after, Yoshi, which is coincidentally the name of Nagatoro's friend being recruited, hatches out of said egg dressed like a dinosaur shouting, "I'm Yoshi! Get it?", referencing how Yoshi shares her name with the character of the same name.


In the episode "Feeling Crabby", Nobita's mom uses her broom in a similar fashion to the hammer in Donkey Kong.

Also, in another episode, Nobita plays a video game on a NES lookalike called "E-Zero" (likely a parody of F-Zero), but the game itself looks like Super Mario Bros., in a level that resembles World 1-3.

Dororon Enma-kunEdit

In episode 12 of the remake, the episode starts as a Wacky Races parody, and Enpi-chan throws a Red Shell at several other racers.

Dr. StoneEdit

In episode 1, "Stone World", there is a scene where Senkuu mentions that one of the mushrooms (an amanita muscaria) Taiju Ooki brought looks like "something out of a Super Mario game."

Dragon Goes House-HuntingEdit

In episode 2, while Letty is exploring the dungeon, one of the various traps he sets off is a Piranha Plant in a green Warp Pipe.

Further into the same episode, Dearia takes Letty to a haunted house; a few scenes later, Dearia hands Letty a vacuum cleaner similar to the Poltergust 3000 quoting, "Please use this vacuum cleaner if you run into any trouble."

Drawn TogetherEdit

Episode 4: "Requiem for a Reality Show"

When the contest begins, an alien in a UFO resembling Lakitu is holding a fishing pole attached to a traffic light to aid the characters, just like the Mario Kart series.

Episode 17: "A Tale of Two Cows"

The Donkey Kong scene in Toot Goes Bollywood.
Xandir driving a kart, to Toot's dismay.

When the fat women use Xandir's cheat book, they transform him into various different forms, one of which is him wearing a Luigi-esque costume in a Mario Kart-styled vehicle, resembling the karts from Mario Kart DS.

Episode 35: "Toot Goes Bollywood"

After Xandir tells Toot she isn't a hideous beast, the scene cuts to them in a Donkey Kong-like game, with Toot as Donkey Kong and Xandir as Mario.

DuckTales (1987)Edit

Episode 61: "Once Upon a Dime" (originally aired Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve), 1987)

Near the beginning of the episode, Huey, Dewey and Louie try to convince Scrooge that they have a lucky quarter of their own in contrast to Scrooge's Number One Dime. Huey goes on to tell Scrooge that they won six rounds of a game called Ducky Kong with it, and that the arcade machine gave them back their quarter every time. Ducky Kong is a clear reference to Donkey Kong.


In the episode "Red Head Redemption", Annie Harris wonders if the game her son Duncan Harris is playing involves Mario by asking herself, "Who is Super Mario?"

In the episode "Sister, Wife", Jack sees a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet in an 80s themed bar while celebrating his anniversary with his wife.

In the episode "Sibling Revelry", one of the Monopoly sets Jack suggests to play is Super Mario Bros. Monopoly when Annie and Jack decided to have a Monopoly marathon with their daughter Jing.

In the episode "Off to the Braces", Kimberly gets her braces off while Jack and Duncan hang out at a "cool" barber shop. While Duncan is playing a pinball machine there, a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet is seen in the background.

El Chavo AnimadoEdit

"Super Chavo Bros."

In the episode "Un Buen Recado" (American title/meaning: "A Good Message"), El Chavo, Quico and Ñoño ("Junior" in the English version) can be seen inside Quico's house playing a Super Mario Bros.-like game. In-game, El Chavo, Quico, and Ñoño are all displayed as themselves with a mustache (each of which resembles those of Mario, Luigi and Wario); Ñoño also has a cap similar to Wario's. In addition, the game pads they use are identical to the NES controllers. Though the gameplay and background of the game are that of Super Mario Bros., the heads-up display that is seen on the screen, as well as the Stored Item, more resembles Super Mario World. The Goomba-like enemies they encounter have the face of Señor Barriga ("Mr. Beliarge" in the English version). When Ñoño reaches the flagpole at the end of the level, he inadvertently topples due to his weight.

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny RiveraEdit

Mario and Luigi lookalikes on El Tigre.

Near the end of the episode "Mother of All Tigres", two plumbers appears who look very much like Mario and Luigi, with similarly colored clothes and an "M" on both their caps. Several zombie plumbers appears from a manhole under them, with two of them having an "W" and an upside-down "L" on their caps, similar to Wario and Waluigi.

The Fairly OddParentsEdit

Juandissimo attempts to rescue Remy from the DK-like gorilla.

In the episode "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary", Timmy challenges his rival, Remy Buxaplenty, to a fairy duel. In the first portion of the duel, the fairies must save their respective godchildren from a gorilla, who throws barrels down girders at them à la Donkey Kong.

In the episode "Dadlantis", Timmy can be seen playing a toilet plunging video game, featuring a plumber dog character dressed up as Mario in the very first scene.

Family GuyEdit

In the animatic of "Prick Up Your Ears", an unused cutaway features Chris's great-great-grandfather helping Mozart write his final requiem before his death. The composition is the ground theme from Super Mario Bros.[citation needed]

Mario saves Stewie from Sheldon.

In the episode "Lois Comes out of Her Shell", Stewie and his evil pet turtle Sheldon are fighting, and before Sheldon can kill Stewie, the fight comes to an end when Mario descends from the ceiling and stomps on Sheldon, killing him. He then tells Stewie that he "jumps on turtles", and that even though it's his life, it's not interesting.

In the episode "Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee", Mario appears as a boyfriend to Meg while she and her family are stuck in Italy, with Luigi not too far off. Mario returns at the end of the episode to invite Meg to his place based on the end of World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., with Luigi still close by.

In the episode "Encyclopedia Griffin", Peter brings up a weird, "secret" level of Donkey Kong where Pauline ends up sliced in half. Mario and Donkey Kong work together to put the body in a barrel, roll it down a hill, and create a cover story. Mario later asks if DK is related to King Kong, and he replies that he isn't, as "Kong" is a common name in the woman-grabbing ape world. All the dialogue is featured in text boxes.

In the episode "'Family Guy' Through the Years", during the 1973 story, Peter enlists his son Chris to participate in the Vietnam War. After hearing about Quagmire's war story, Peter decides to get his son out of there, saying that he thought it would be fun, going there to fight the Donkey Kong. It then cuts to Quagmire explaining the events of the war, saying they had to climb steel beams and ladders, the Donkey Kong attacking them by throwing barrels at them, and him saying they've lost many men and quarters, referencing the Donkey Kong arcade game.

In the episode "Regarding Carter", after Lois accidentally shoots her father in the head with a handgun he gave her, he is shown in the hospital in a vegetative state. Dr. Hartman states that he has suffered from severe head trauma and that it is now a good chance to beat him in Mario Kart. A cutaway then shows Peter playing Super Mario Kart and beating Carter in a race while Carter is unresponsive.

In the episode "Baby Stewie", Peter and his family go to an escape room after Quagmire cannot drink due to a medication. One of the puzzles involves figuring out the Fibonacci number. Peter figures out that "Fibonacci" is Italian and thinks that saying "Italian stuff" will help them complete the puzzle. One of the "Italian" phrases he says is "Mario Kart".

In the episode "La Familiga Guy", one of the Dons Peter meets up with is a gorilla named Don Keykong.

In the episode "HBO-NO", when Tom Tucker introduces Stewie as Joffrey Baratheon in their Game of Thrones parody, he lists one of his accomplishments as having the "High Score on Mario Kart".

In the episode "Single White Dad", Peter introduces Chris to Donkey Kong via an NES port. When Chris is unimpressed, comparing it to today's games, they and Stewie recreate 25m in the front yard.

In the episode "Fertilized Megg", during a fast-forwarding timeskip sequence, Brian and Stewie wear costumes of Mario and Luigi respectively during Halloween. Plushies resembling Yoshi and Toad can be seen in a claw machine at the bowling alley.

Fanboy & Chum ChumEdit

The game Chimp-Chomp is a recurring game that appears in a few episodes, referencing the game Donkey Kong Jr.

In the episode "Hex Games", when Kyle asks where Fanboy and Chum Chum got Iceteroids, Chum Chum says that they ate "the flower". Additionally, the battle against Sigmund at the end of the game is very similar to the final boss of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Fish HooksEdit

In the episode "Fish Out of Water", Oscar and Bea become trapped under a cabinet by a large cat. It is at this point that Oscar tells Bea that he is a "plumber" and she is a "princess"; he goes on to say that their situation is like being in a giant video game where the plumber is trying to get to the princess, but a "giant monkey" always gets in the way by throwing barrels, in a clear reference to Donkey Kong. Oscar also says that the "giant monkey" is only wearing a tank top, which may be a reference to Funky Kong.

The video gameplay of "Kooky Carpenter Cousins".

In the beginning of the episode "Doggonit", Oscar is seen playing a video game that involves a yellow character in red overalls jumping across obstacles and fending off a turtle with a saw. Oscar says the game he is playing is called "Kooky Carpenter Cousins", which is based on Super Mario Bros.; the character bears a striking resemblance Mario's sprite from Super Mario Bros., and the turtle looks a lot like a Shellcreeper. In the beginning of the episode "Brothers' Day", Oscar plays a game with the same yellow character and a Hammer Bro-like character.

In "Spiders Bite", when the fish are racing against the spiders in a drag race, one of the buttons on Milo's bike is a Koopa Shell button, and he uses it to get rid of an angry cat.

In "Glass Man Standing", before Albert meets them in the hall, Milo, Oscar, and Jumbo read a magazine called Nintankdo Power, a parody of Nintendo Power.

In "Pool Party Panic", Milo, Oscar and Bea chase the fish tank through a Super Mario Bros.-like dimension that gives them all overalls, and Bea hits a block that produces a saw. Milo grabs it and uses it to defeat Koopa-like turtles; he and Bea then enter the school similar to Mario entering the fort at the end of a level, and Oscar grabs a pole that hoists a flag.

Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsEdit

"Who Let the Dogs In?" (originally aired October 8, 2004)

When Eduardo is showing his pet dog Chewy some chew toys, one of them is a toy star that strongly resembles a Super Star.

"Bloooo" (originally aired October 22, 2004)

Bloo becomes sick and his friends believe he is a ghost they saw in a horror movie. One of the methods of catching Bloo (whom they believe is the ghost) is by sucking him up in a vacuum. This is a reference to Luigi's Mansion.

"Emancipation Complication" (originally aired November 16th, 2006)

A running gag in this episode is that Bloo becomes addicted to playing a Game Boy Advance-like system he found in a closet of Mac's school. One of the games Bloo plays is Super Smash Factory 6, likely a parody of the Super Smash Bros. series.

"The Buck Swaps Here" (originally aired May 18, 2007)

The Mario Bros. look-alike in the episode, The Buck Swaps Here.

In the episode, there are two men carrying a large mirror that heavily resemble the Mario Bros.; when attacking a robber, they shout with Italian accents.

"Destination: Imagination" (originally aired November 27th, 2008)

Super Foster's 2. The American version of Mojo Jojo Panic.

The Foster's gang enters a game very similar to Super Mario Bros., with snails replacing Koopa Troopas and onions replacing Mushrooms. The character World also mentions a game named Super Zambeanie Bros. as well.

The Fruit of EvolutionEdit

In the credits, many scenes depict Seiichi and Saria going through many adventures, one of which involves Seiichi going through a level heavily based on Super Mario Bros..


Fry playing Monkey Fracas Jr., an arcade game that features a barrel-throwing gorilla (top), and the opening of the game (bottom).

Episode 1ACV01: "Space Pilot 3000" (originally aired Mar. 28, 1999)
At the very beginning of the series' premiere episode, a spaceship is seen flying through space, with Fry providing a voiceover. It is then revealed to the audience that Fry is actually playing an Asteroids-style arcade game, just as he encounters a gorilla similar to Donkey Kong, except with overalls. Although Fry attempts to blast the gorilla with lasers, the gorilla throws barrels at the spaceship, causing Fry to lose. A later shot of arcade cabinet then reveals that the game is entitled Monkey Fracas Jr., whose name is based on Donkey Kong Jr..

Episode 2ACV09: "A Bicyclops Built for Two" (originally aired Mar. 19, 2000)

Fry vs. the Donkey Kong-like character in the virtual reality game.

A Donkey Kong-esque character appears behind a pile of crates while Fry is playing a virtual reality video game, and is subsequently blasted; additionally, Fry makes the same noise Mario does when he jumps in this episode.

Episode 3ACV18: "Anthology of Interest II" (originally aired Jan. 6, 2002)

Donkey Kong as he appears in "Anthology of Interest II".
Mario as the Italian ambassador of the United Nations of Earth.
The blue Warp Pipe and Pac-Man.

This episode centers on the show's various characters using the Professor's "What If?" machine to show them various alternate realities. In the second act of the episode, Fry wants to know what life would be like if it was more like a video game. The machine shows a world where Earth goes to war with the Planet Nintendu 64.

At the start of the scenario, President Nixon is signing a peace treaty with Donkey Kong, who is the Nintendian ambassador to Earth. The Planet Express crew watches on TV, leading to a mild argument between Fry and Professor Farnsworth about Donkey Kong.

Fry: Wait a second. I know that monkey. His name is "Donkey"!
Prof. Farnsworth: Monkeys aren't donkeys! Quit messing with my head!

DK turns on Nixon, however, and Mario, who is part of the Earth U.N. (for Italy), expresses fear: "Mamma mia! The cruel meatball of war has-a rolled onto our laps, and-a ruined our white pants of peace."

Donkey Kong then stomps atop the United Nations building, slanting the ledges across the side of the building diagonally, similar to the girders in the first level of the original Donkey Kong game.

Later on in the episode, the characters exit a Pac-Man-inspired maze through a Warp Pipe.

The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings (aired August 10, 2003)

The woman jumping over a barrel.

A kid used a holophoner (an instrument that when played, creates holograms) and plays "a stranger in the night". In the hologram, a man plays a piano, and stairs appear as the man and a woman climb them; a barrel rolls down and the pair jump over it, both earning 100 points as the "jumping over a barrel" sound effect from Donkey Kong plays.

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs (released June 24, 2008)

Fry playing an arcade game, with the Honkey Kong cabinet seen on the far left.

A Honkey Kong cabinet (a reference to Donkey Kong) can be seen at the arcade Fry visits.

Later on, the sound effect of Mario being defeated in Donkey Kong can be heard when a ship is destroyed by Yivo.

Futurama: Bender's Game (released November 4, 2008)

The pixelated Bender.

During the opening sequence, a pixelated Bender can be seen beating his chest in the same manner as the original Donkey Kong.

Rebirth (aired June 24, 2010)
When the Planet Express ship is under attack towards the start of the episode, Fry picks up an NES controller and exclaims, "We've lost power of the forward Game Boy! Mario not responding!" As Fry fiddles with the controller, sound effects from Donkey Kong can be heard.

Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences (aired August 26, 2010)

The host dressed as Mario.

The host of the costume contest is dressed up as Mario.

Law and Oracle (aired July 7, 2011)

The Donkey Kong-inspired gorilla from the Paperboy-inspired video game.

At the beginning of the episode, Fry is playing a Paper Boy-themed video game. One of the obstacles in the game is a barrel-tossing gorilla.

Reincarnation (aired September 8, 2011)

Professor Farnsworth in a Super Mario Bros.-themed setting.

The second segment of the episode, "Future Challenge 3000", is portrayed as an 8-bit video game. In a previous version of a scene (As revealed by a DVD featurette), Bender attacked fry with a hammer in the style of Donkey Kong. Professor Farnsworth can also be seen dodging obstacles reminiscent of Donkey Kong Jr.'s 3rd stage. As well, during one scene a depressed Professor Farnsworth can be seen leaping over barrels in a Super Mario Bros.-inspired setting. Sound effects from Donkey Kong can also be heard at certain points as well.

Future Card BuddyfightEdit

"Super Buddy Bros."

Triple D, episode 23’s short animation contains a reference to the infinite extra life trick from Super Mario Bros., demonstrated by the buddy monster Duel Jaeger Revolted.

F-Zero: GP Legend/F-Zero: Falcon DensetsuEdit

Mr. EAD is a racer who bears a significant resemblance to Mario, and appears often in a supporting role throughout the anime; his last name is an acronym for "Entertainment Anaylsis and Development".

Lap 21: Battle of the Women

After Rick (or Ryu in the Japanese version) and Jack don feminine dresses and leave the debriefing room with Jody, Mr. EAD can be seen donning a dress that looks exactly like Princess Peach's dress.


The opening sequence contains footage that references various video games, some of which is heavily based off of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Mario Bros.

In the episode "Keita Amano and Chapters of the Chosen", Karen and Keita talk about the gaming club from their school. At one point, Karen tells Keita that all of the students and teachers admire her, even Bowser (whom she refers to as "King Koopa" even in the English dub). The scene then cuts to a flashback where Karen is playing a game resembling Super Mario Bros. 3 with a Bowser lookalike giving the Mario-like character a cup of tea and thanking Karen for visiting him, only for Keita to interrupt her and confirm this to be just a dream that she was having.

In the episode "Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment", Keita and Karen go on a date together (with Chiaki as the third wheel) by going to an arcade. While there, the three play a racing game that is heavily based on Mario Kart Arcade GP on a course that loosely resembles Mushroom Gorge, complete with the filter feature for the photos right before playing a game.

Gin TamaEdit

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Episode 98

Katsura Kotarou comes out of the futon table, cosplays as Mario, eats a mushroom that looks like a 1-UP Mushroom, and calls himself "Katsuo". Then, Elizabeth was revealed also cosplaying as Mario but with a green hat like Luigi's hat, with a Japanese picket sign that translates "Give it your best, Katsuo."

Glitch TechsEdit

In the episode "Going, Going, Gauntlet!", while in her mother's car, Miko says, "Mama, drop a triple mushroom on this beast!" as a nod to the Triple Mushrooms power-ups from the Mario Kart series.

In the episode "Collection Quest", Koopa Troopa-like turtle enemies attack by spinning and sliding in their shells similar to Koopa Shells. One is defeated by a young girl, who makes a jumping pose shouting "Woo-hoo!", similar to Mario.

Go Go Moba BoyEdit

The robotic rabbit about to launch the egg.

In Episode 1, Moba Boy is fighting Barf Bunny inside a mech that spits out a Yoshi-like egg.

Gravity FallsEdit

Rumble McSkirmish does the Donkey Kong
Character selection screen resembling the Super Mario Bros. 2 character selection screen.

In the episode "Fight Fighters", Dipper chases Rumble and Robbie to "Barrel and Crates Inc.", where Rumble throws barrels at Robbie as he attempts to avoid them by traversing several ladders and platforms, referencing the classic Donkey Kong games.

The end credits of the episode is a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2; on a character selection screen, as the icon hovers over Mabel, she borrows one of Mario's catchphrases from Super Mario 64 and its remake ("It's-a me, a-Mabel!"); when the icon hovers over Grunkle Stan, he says "I'm slow, but I jump higher!", referring to Luigi's playstyle in the game. The end-of-episode secret message reads "HLIIB, WRKKVI, YFG BLFI DVMWB RH RM ZMLGSVI XZHGOV."; when decoded, it reads, "Sorry, Dipper, but your Wendy is in another castle.", which is a reference to the Mushroom Retainers' famous phrase from Super Mario Bros..

The Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyEdit

In "Bearded Billy", Mandy says "My method is on like Donkey Kong!".

In "Go-Cart 3000", the Grim car looks similar to Mario's car in Mario Kart 64.

In "The Show That Dare Not Speak Its Name", Billy is dressed as Princess Peach.

Grizzy and the LemmingsEdit

Super Grizzy Bros

The episode's title is a reference to Super Mario Bros., and the premise involves Grizzy and the Lemmings playing a racing game in real life that features Dash Panels and Item Boxes similar to a Mario Kart game. The noise that occurs when the items appear is also nearly identical to the noise that occurs at the beginning of new laps in many of the games. The boxes contained green missiles that look like Bullet Bills, but act like Green Shells; they also contained red mines that play a similar role to bananas. At one point, Grizzy obtains a temporary shield item that grants him invincibility, similar to the Super Star. In the end of the race, both Grizzy and the Lemmings are hit by two red bullets before they get to the finish line; the red bullets are similar to the Spiny Shell, and was thrown by a female bear, a recurring character that was revealed to be a third racer.

Tableted Bear

Grizzy plays a virtual reality game on a smart tablet, which uses sound effects from Super Mario Bros., namely the Mushroom sound effects and the fanfare used when Mario completes a level.

Slam Dunk Lemmings

After Grizzy and the Lemmings shoot the final hoop to get the giant can of YummyXL, the container opens and plays the Super Mario World bonus ending theme.

Gurren LagannEdit

The Banzai Bill look-a-likes.

In episode 13, "Eat Up, Everyone!", General Cytomander releases a full-scale aerial attack on the Dai-Gurren and made its cannons useless by blowing them up by dropping bombs on them. The bombs have a major resemblance to Banzai Bills.


In one episode, Haré is seen in a world of Video-Game parodies. He is punched up, and is sent flying through the air. Sonic the Hedgehog jumps out, hits his head, which sends him flying down, only to be punched to the side by a Mario figure.

The Helpful Fox Senko-sanEdit

In the episode "You Just Want to Fluff More", Shiro visits Nakano's house to play video games. While there, Nakano and Shiro decide to play Super Fluff Bros. Melee, a parody of Super Smash Bros. Melee (which, despite being a GameCube game, resembles a Nintendo Switch game), as a way to win treats Senko makes. Additionally, before starting to play, Nakano shows off his collection of various other Nintendo games in game cases reminiscent of those used for Nintendo Switch games, some of which are Super Fluffy Brothers, a spoof of Super Mario Bros., and Star Fluff, a Star Fox parody, along with games spoofing Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Hey DuggeeEdit

In the episode, "The Jam Badge", when the Squirrels chase the Naughty Monkey to get their fruit back, the Naughty Monkey throws the fruit to try to stop the Squirrels similar to the way the original Donkey Kong threw barrels to stop Mario. Whenever the Squirrels jumped on a mushroom, the coin sound effect played. The coin sound effect played once more when the Naughty Monkey popped up on Duggee's head. One of the Squirrels were dressed up as Mario in the Dressing Up Badge.

Hi Score GirlEdit

The opening sequence feature gameplay footage of various retro games, including Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

In the episode "Round 15", Moemi gets rid of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that Ono has been secretly playing, so she goes to Haruo (the original owner of said Super Nintendo) while he is working at a sushi factory and decides to compensate him by giving him a Twin Famicom, the package of which has screenshots of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda on it.

Himouto! Umaru-chanEdit

Umaru seen racing in a Mario Circuit-like area.

Umaru is often seen playing video games that reference real-life products; one of the games in the opening resembles Mario Kart 8, and the death soundclip from the original Super Mario Bros. can also be heard shortly after.[4]


Episode #43: "Communuts!" (originally aired May 8, 1999)

One sketch in this episode centers on Joseph Stalin speaking with his agent (played by Chit Chatterson). At the beginning, when the secretary asks if he has an appointment, Stalin demands, "Do you know who I am?!" The secretary replies, "Well, you look a little like that Super Mario guy."


In the episode "Who's Nocturnal?", Shel asks Nibbles to "Mario Kart" him when trying to chase after another animal.


In the episode "Humf and the Big Boots", Humf hops around in his dad's boot, similar to a Goomba's Shoe.

Hyperdimension NeptuniaEdit

In the episode "Lowee's terror (lickorrist)", Neptune, Nepgear, Vert, Noire, and Uni take Rom and Ram to Super Ninten Land, with one of the attractions containing blue pipes that take people to different areas akin to a Warp Pipe. Other parts of the attraction include coins and a castle with a flag on it strongly resembling the ones seen at the end of each level in Super Mario Bros. Additionally, Neptune orders ice cream with the flavor being Rainbow Road-flavored, a reference to rocky road-flavored ice cream and the Mario Kart course of the same name. Neptune then gets caught by a huge turtle wanting to eat her bag of peaches, to which she shouts, "Help! This monster turtle wants my peaches, somebody call a plumber!" This is due to the fact that the turtle loves to eat peaches according to a caution sign in the attraction. Later on, Rom and Ram find a whole row of coins and decide to bring some for Blanc as souvenirs, with Ram claiming that giving Blanc 100 coins should give her an extra life.

The Incredible Crash DummiesEdit

Junkman in front of an arcade displaying the title card to Incredible Dummy World

Super Mario World is referenced briefly in The Incredible Crash Dummies, a 1993 computer-animated TV special featuring characters from the toy line of the same name. When Junkman is finished spying on the dummies, the screen cuts to a game called Incredible Dummy World, with the words "dummy world" being shown in multi-colored bubble letters, like the logo for Super Mario World. The game is displaying its title card, and the border around the scene is black and yellow warning tape instead of planks of wood. The gameplay in the title card shows two dummies running and jumping to avoid an enemy attack in a 2D platformer, who seem to parallel Mario and Luigi.

Inside Job (Netflix)Edit

In episode three, "Blue Bloods", the reptoids list a few reptoid successes in bringing their likeness to pop culture, with King K. Rool's addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being treated as their greatest success.

In the episode "Reagan & Mychelle's Hive School Reunion", during a video montage of Myc at school, he can be seen wearing a shirt with a 8-bit Super Mushroom (specifically a Super Mario World one).

Inspector Gadget (2015)Edit

In "What is the ...MADtrix?", purple blocks resembling Brick Blocks in their Super Mario Bros. 3 design appear floating in the air. Additionally, at one point, when Inspector Gadget jumps, he accidentally hits one of them with his head.

It's PonyEdit

In an episode "Ponopoly", Heston does the Hay Bale Challenge where he has to avoid bales of hay in a similar manner to Mario avoiding barrels in Donkey Kong.

Johnny TestEdit

In the episode "Johnny & Dark Vegan's Battle Brawl Mania", Johnny and Dukey play a Super Smash Bros.-like game "Brawl Mania" that features a playable monster with a body similar to Bowser's.

In the episode "My Dinner with Johnny", every time Johnny's food sucker sucks in one of his dad's meals, the sound effect that plays when Mario enters a secret area from Super Mario 64 can be heard. This same sound effect can be heard in a few other episodes as well.

In the episode "Dukey See Johnny Do", a blind Johnny has to save Dukey from a love-sick ape at a construction site just like in Donkey Kong.

Jorel's BrotherEdit

In the episode "Embarque Nessa Onda", when it shows the episode of the Microwave Warriors, a P Switch can be seen on the control panels.

In the episode "Eject Especial", a background billboard reads 「ピーチ姫救出大作戦」.

Jujutsu KaisenEdit

In the episode "Curse Womb Must Die -II-", Nobara Kugisaki is asked by her seniors to partake in an event, to which she asks if Super Smash Bros. would be included there, adding that she would not lose if it was specifically Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


In the episode "Field Trip!", when Ui is trying to wake up Yui, there is a decoration on Yui's bulletin board in her room that bears a resemblance to the Super Mushroom.

In the episode "Summer Training!", while Tsumugi and Ritsu are in the arcade, there are posters around that advertise a racing game resembling the Mario Kart series. Additionally, one of the arcade cabinets display gameplay footage resembling Super Mario Bros..

Kaguya-sama: Love Is WarEdit

In the segment "Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Go Somewhere" of episode 10, before Kaguya and the rest of the gang plan out their summer vacation, the narrator says that many people do various things on summer vacation, which includes video games for the boys and shopping for the girls. Though only shown for a few seconds, the game that the boys are playing is based off of the Super Smash Bros. series, and the stage they play on strikingly resembles Peach's Castle from Super Smash Bros.

Kappa MikeyEdit

Kappa Mikey's spoof of the game Donkey Kong.

In the episode "Ship of Fools", the LilyMu company gets their own game, which is a spoof of the game Donkey Kong: Gonard is Donkey Kong, Lily is Pauline and Mikey is Mario.

Kika and BobEdit

Luigi in Kika and Bob.

In the episode "New York", when Kika and Bob take off in a helicopter, Luigi can be seen fixing it, and told them that he's not done yet.

King of the HillEdit

In some episodes, the Souphanousinphones have a pet terrier named "Doggie Kahn", which may be a parody of Donkey Kong.

Kit Stupid ShowEdit

In episode 18 of season 6, there is a sketch titled "What if celebrities were featured in video games?"; Portuguese association football player Cristiano Ronaldo was featured in Super Mario Bros.. Here, he hits ? Block and grabs a bottle of shampoo for men before stumbling over a Koopa Troopa's shell. As a result, the referee penalized the Koopa Troopa with a red card.

Komi Can't CommunicateEdit

Omoharu Nakanaka is a recurring character who is a gamer. Oftentimes when she and her friends hang out at her house, they play video games which commonly feature characters resembling Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Zelda, Captain Falcon, etc. An example includes the segment "It's Just a Video Game" of the episode "It's Just a Country Kid. Plus More.", where Nakanaka invites Komi, Osana and Tadano to play the video game Combat: Swamp Bros., a parody of the Super Smash Bros. series. The characters the gang selects resemble various characters from the Smash Bros. games, with Osana's resembling Mario, Nakanaka's resembling Luigi, Tadano's resembling Yoshi, and Komi's resembling Zelda respectively. Even the names of the game's characters sound like their real life counterparts (with the exception of the Zelda-like character), being Najio, Chuny, and Tadashi. Another example is in the segment "It's just studying at Nakanaka's" in "It's just the arrival of winter, plus more.", where the gang plays a sports game featuring characters resembling the ones in the Smash Bros.-like game from the aforementioned episode.


In the second season, during one of the logo cutaways between scenes, Aqua is seen jumping and hitting her head on one of the letters of the logo, causing a star to pop out of it and landing on Kazuma, increasing his size akin to a Super Mushroom.


In the Netflix-exclusive short "Larva Pendant", larvae Red and Yellow are chased by a cat. They climb through pipes and the cat kicks a box with a video game cartridge that falls into a Super Nintendo and makes 8-bit music play. At the edge of a wall, they kick a turtle into the cat that retracts into its shell and the cat uses it as a skateboard like Mario did in Super Mario 64. They climb another pipe with a vine tangled on it. Next, they go through a 2D section resembling Super Mario Bros. with the bricks on the wall colored like a blue sky background, and yellow throws seeds from his mouth like fireballs at the cat, though ineffective. They jump through pits and Blocks from which Mushrooms come out. Yellow picks a 1-Up Mushroom and a yellow mushroom that makes him to jump higher. Red picks a blue Poison Mushroom, which causes him to faint and Yellow has to carry him as they leave the level.

The Legend of ZeldaEdit

In the beginning of the episode "Doppelganger", Link can be heard whistling the Super Mario Bros. theme.

Legends of Chamberlain HeightsEdit

In the episode "More Than a Video Game", two characters resembling Mario and Luigi can be seen carrying the tournament winner away in a yellow carrying chair.

Little BillEdit

In the episode "The Best Way to Play", when Little Bill and his friends are playing the Space Explorers video game, sound effects from the Atari port of Donkey Kong can be heard.

The Loud HouseEdit

Lisa in a red cap, looking like Mario's
Lincoln and Clyde in a Super Mario-like background

In the episode "Butterfly Effect", Lisa is seen working at a gas station while wearing a red cap bearing a striking resemblance to Mario's cap.

In the episode "Pulp Friction", Lynn throws a boomerang at Principal Huggins' golf cart, and shortly after, Luan slingshots a banana peel in front of his golf cart, causing him to spin out. This is a reference to the Boomerang Flower and Banana items respectively from the Mario Kart series.

The title card for the episode "Game Boys" depicts Lincoln and Clyde dressed like Mario and Luigi in a scene resembling Super Mario Bros.

In the episode "Game Off", Lana wants to play Lincoln's new video game "Total Trash Takedown", a garbage-themed video game resembling Super Mario Bros. 3.

In the episode "Grub Snub", when Lincoln and Leni are playing Dance Battle, a lower-pitched version of the coin sound effect from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol ClubEdit

Ai and Karin playing Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. An additional set of cabinets displayed from the front is shown in the background.

In the episode "Ai Love Triangle", one of the frames during a montage depicts Ai and Karin playing Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, although the machines' design is slightly altered to remove trademarked imagery, such as removing Mario's "M" from the back of the seats and entirely redrawing the game screen.

Love TyrantEdit

In the episode "Right, Let's All Die! x I Finally Understand", Seiji and Yuzu save Guri from Hell and travel there by using a passage that strongly resembles a Warp Pipe. Additionally, when Coraly reveals the path to Hell, a sound that loosely resembles the Warp Pipe sound effect can be heard.

Lucky StarEdit

Super Mario Bros.'s World 3-1 reference from Lucky Star.

In the episode "That Feeling", during the next episode preview, Konata makes a reference to the infinite lives trick from Super Mario Bros. She then comments on how the Instant Game Over bug teaches a lesson about moderation.

Lupin the 3rd Part V: Misadventures in FranceEdit

The background extra that resembles Ashley (center-left)

In the episode "The Extravagance of Goemon Ishikawa XIII", a background character that heavily resembles Ashley can be seen in a crowd shot.


In the episode 2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime, Mario and Luigi's "other brother" Fabrizio is shown, who claims he doesn't like the sewers and prefers making pizza. A Koopa can also be seen in this scene, crashing down on his head. In addition, during the Grey's in Anime segment, a man dressed like Wario, appeared along with a 1-Up Mushroom in the Dancing Scene.

In Cliffordfield / Big Time Rushmore, there is a sketch where two Goomba brothers are walking between two Warp Pipes, attempting to survive Mario jumping on them, until one is stomped by Mario himself. The surviving one's other brother is also stomped in a second attempt to survive Mario's jumping.

In the episode I Love You, Iron Man / Ben 10 Franklin, during "MAD's Guide to Video Game Cheats", a cheat was shown that could make Mario hail a cab to get to the end of the level in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (However, the game title is written as "Super Mario Bros. Wii"; the word "new" is removed)

In the episode Pokémon Park / WWER, there was a segment titled "Donkey Strong" where Donkey Kong advertises a DVD on workouts for muscle gain. In the scene taking place in a school in this segment, the chalkboard reads, "Sorry, Mario. The princess is in another castle." After that, DK throws a barrel at a store called "Zelda's" (referencing Shigeru Miyamoto's creation of both the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda series.

Peach and Birdo work Lakitu's camera. Also, subtle Super Paper Mario and Super Princess Peach references.
Mario and Mega Man as two of the judges.

In Gaming's Next Top Princess, among the models were Princess Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Samus Aran (who later turns into Zero Suit Samus), Amy Rose and Birdo (the first three were the finalists). Mario was one of the judges, Bowser, Ganondorf and Ridley appeared to help the models "get in touch with their bad side" and Lakitu was the photographer. The Super Mario characters' designs bear a slight resemblance to the ones from the Paper Mario series. The winner of the title of "Gaming's Next Top Princess" is not announced at all in the episode.

In ArTHOR, Mario and Donkey Kong are eating lunch when ArTHOR asks them if he can borrow a hammer. He then proceeds through an area resembling 25m from Donkey Kong to save Jane Foster.

In Super 80's, Donkey Kong with Mario on his back grabs J. J. Abrams and beats him up.

In Minute to Flynn It, Clu's head turns into Mario's and then into Link's head.

In ThunderLOLcats, Luigi's sprite in the MS-DOS version of Mario is Missing! was one of the memes attacking the kingdom of Thundera and Mario's face can be seen in the background of the Internet world.

In The Celebrity Ape-rentice, Donkey Kong appeared as one of the contestants with Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls) and Caesar (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Also, the pizza recipe Mojo Jojo was assigned to make is a Mario Bros. recipe and DK thinks he did kidnap the princess in his previous life. After getting fired by Donald Chimp, he makes things even by calling on his brother, King Kong to attack Chimp.

"Koopa Soup" is a segment in The Adventures of TaunTaun / Everybody Loves Rayman that has Bowser advertising soup sold in Koopa shells. Also, Mario appears at the end, stepping in the soup by accident.

In Franklin & Crash, Princess Peach is shown being kidnapped by Bowser as usual. After Mario pops in to save her, the Prince from the Katamari video game series rolls up Peach and the castle in his katamari. Mario then asks Bowser if he wants to get a soda, to which Bowser agrees.

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus, Pit goes to video game school and befriends Kirby. At school, Mario references are common. Donkey Kong is in Mega Man's posse of popular students. When Pit and Kirby ask to sit with Peach, Daisy and Zelda, they tell him to go beat up Bowser, Wario, and Ganondorf for them. At the end of the segment, Pit, Kirby, Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and Sonic get into a Super Smash Bros.-esque fight, with Pit winning. Curiously, this sketch was first premiered on September 27, 2012, 2 years before the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, which features Mega Man as a playable character, and multiplayer with up to 8 players.

In Lemming Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Video Game Deaths, Wario appears as an evil guardian (although he is considered an anti-villain nowadays) to three orphaned Lemmings (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny). The Lemming children meet Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom as their good guardian, then Wario feeds him to a Piranha Plant. The sketch parodies Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events book series.

In Here Comes the Doom / Brain Purge, a skit named "Koopa Troopa, Guts Man & Kracko" features the three characters helping video game enemies to protect themselves from heroes' attacks. One of the heroes is Mario, who has his look from the Paper Mario series and a blue cap. Bowser and Peach also appear at the beginning of the skit.

"The Shellmet" is a segment in George Washington: Cherry Tree Chopper / Star Wars Earned Stripes. At one point, Mario jumps on the boy wearing the advertised product, mistaking it for a Koopa Troopa. The commercial states that the product's side effects include "getting attacked by plumbers".

March Comes In Like a LionEdit

In the final episode of season 2, Hinata Kawamoto begins to admire the profit she and her family has been making when she sees their money box filled with yen coins. Pixel versions of her can be seen running in from the right and headbutting a pixel pot which produces a yen coin as a reference to hitting a block with a coin in it.

Marcus LevelEdit

There are a few episodes that feature a character known as the "plumber robot" who wears Mario's classic attire, as well as having a big nose and a moustache. His hat has a fire symbol rather than Mario's "M" emblem, and he only wears one glove because his other hand is a blowtorch. He only has one eye.

Megas XLREdit

Episode 18: Thanksgiving Throwdown (First aired: Saturday November 27, 2004)

The Mario Bros. look-alike the "Fabio Brothers".

The "Fabio Brothers" in this episode are likely a spoof of the Mario Brothers, but may also be based on Wario and Waluigi. In this episode, there are other allusions to other fictional characters as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Mickey Mouse (2013)Edit

Morty Fieldmouse parodying Yoshi's swallow technique.

In "Tokyo Go", when the train that Mickey is riding on top of enters a tunnel, it briefly looks like an 8-bit video game, with Mickey Mouse collecting Coins in the same way Mario would in Super Mario Bros., complete with 8-bit coin and Super Mushroom sound effects. When it enters back in the normal cartoon, Mickey throws away the coins before jumping on the Blue Train.

In "Down the Hatch", when Mickey and Goofy are being shrunk, they spin around in a manner similar to Mario's death animation from Donkey Kong.

In "The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular", Morty Fieldmouse dresses up as a Godzilla-like kaiju. His costume helps strengthen a reference to Yoshi when throws his Halloween candy in the air and catches it in his mouth with a lash of his tongue.

The Mighty B!Edit

In "Grumpy Old Bees", when Penny first appeared in the episode, her face resembles Donkey Kong's face, Penny herself could also be a parody of Donkey Kong as well.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat NoirEdit

Recurring antagonist Nathalie Sancoeur resembles Nastasia from Super Paper Mario and acts similarly to her due to both being the assistant of their respective main antagonists.

The game Super Penguino, which is a parody of Super Mario Bros., is a recurring game that appears in a couple of episodes. It is a popular game in which many of the students in Miss Bustier's class can be seen playing it, especially by the canon couples of the show such as Alya and Nino as well as Ivan and Mylene.

In "Party Crasher", Marinette attempts to sneak into Adrien's party which only boys are being let into by putting on a red helmet and comedy glasses with a nose and mustache, and at the entrance pretends to be Mario, and continues to do so during the party until she falls over and her disguise is blown.

In "Kuro Neko", Adrien becomes depressed due to being left out of Ladybug and the rest of the superhero team's fights. While this happens, Adrien can be seen playing a video game that resembles Super Mario Bros. at one point.

Monsters vs. AliensEdit

In "The Friend who Wasn't There", when Link and Squweep are playing a video game, the Mini Mario jump sound can be heard. Additionally, the controllers they hold look similar to that of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System's.

The Mr. Peabody & Sherman ShowEdit

In "Orchoptitron in Love / John Harrington", John Harrington bears some resemblance to Mario in his plumbing outfit, and he, Peabody, and Sherman come upon a castle in the sewers where they find Harrington's mutated pet turtle holding Queen Elizabeth hostage, similar to Bowser holding Princess Peach hostage.

Muppet BabiesEdit

Gonzo pretending to be Mario in Donkey Kong.

Episode 85: It's Only Pretendo (Originally aired December 2, 1989)

Throughout the entire episode, the babies play several "Pretendo" video games, and imagine themselves as characters in them. During the first part of the episode, Gonzo pretends to be "Super Bario Weirdo" in a Donkey Kong-style game, which has a dragon named King Copacabana in place of Cranky Kong throwing green balls in place of barrels. He then imagines himself in an area similar to the game's third level, where he hops across moving platforms to reach a cupcake. Gonzo then finds himself back in the first level, where Piggy has taken the place of the King Copacabana, although she's actually just disconnected the system in reality.

Piggy then attempts to play Donkey Kong Jr., but fails miserably. Going back to the original Donkey Kong, Piggy pretends to be a "Baby Mutant Ninja Piggy", tells Mario to get off the stage by scaring him off, climbs up to King Copacabana and defeats him.

After Piggy's play session, Gonzo goes through his Pretendo cartridges, three of which are titled Super Bario Bros., Son of Super Bario Bros. and Second Cousin of Super Bario Bros..

A little later, Gonzo and Piggy imagine themselves in a The Legend of Zelda-inspired game entitled The Legend of Emelda: The Quest for the Golden Key. The music that plays at the start sounds very similar to the cavern music from Super Mario Bros. 2.

In addition to spoofing the games, actual footage of the games themselves is shown briefly.

My Life as a Teenage RobotEdit

"The Mad Hammer Brothers" in My Life As a Teenage Robot (2002-2006)

Two mustachioed Italian brothers, dressed in red and green clothing similar to that of Mario and Luigi, are recurring villains on the show. Additionally, they are named "the Mad Hammer Brothers", which might reference the enemies from Super Mario Bros. Being villains, they might be more modeled after Wario and Waluigi, especially since the red brother's moustache has a zig-zag look like Wario's.

In the episode "Sibling Tsunami" (2002), the jump sound effect from Super Mario World can be heard as they are jumping in one scene.

They later reappear in the episode "The Legion of Evil" (2005) as members of the titular group.

Ned's NewtEdit

When Ned and Newton enter the "old games section" of an arcade in the mall, Ned shows Newton one of the broken games and says, "This game is so old it only had one Mario brother." However, when they play the game after Newton fixes it, the game had nothing to do with Mario.

New Looney TunesEdit

In the episode Painter Paint Hare, when Jack the Painter is trapped in the bear's cave, a version of the music that plays when Donkey Kong is climbing up the construction site with Pauline in Donkey Kong can be heard.

In the episode Computer Bugs, the video game that Bugs Bunny is playing near the start plays the 1-Up-collecting sound effect in the intro; when he confronts the boss of the level, a different variation of the music that plays when Donkey Kong is climbing up the construction site with Pauline in Donkey Kong is heard. The boss of the game also has a similarity to Bowser, of which he is a fire-breathing lizard that rides in a similar vehicle to the Koopa Clown Car. After beating the boss, the coin-collecting sound effect can be heard.

No Game No LifeEdit

In the English dub of episode 12, when Sora and Shiro are running away and cornered by Izuna Hatsuse's blood destruction abilities, Sora replies, "This is BS! Not even Mario can do that!"

The NutshackEdit

In "Chode Warrior" (Season 2 Episode 4), Jean-Claude Van Damme's penis says, "No more running from me, Ron Jeremy, you big Mario Brother-looking son of a bitch!" Also, there is a scene when Phil climbs up a ladder to defeat Donkey Kong and save Princess Peach.

Nyaruko: Crawling with LoveEdit

A Super Mario Bros. scene in episode 7.

In episode 7, when Yoriko allows Nyaruko to go on a date with Mahiro, Nyaruko jumps for joy in a Super Mario Bros.-like setting, with her pose resembling Mario's jumping pose.

Episode 11 opens with Nyaruko, Cthuko and Hastur playing a Mario Kart game; though only pure white can be seen on the television screen, the characters' dialogue mentions drifting, throwing shells and bananas, and the music heard is similar to that of the Mario Kart games.

OK K.O.! Let's Be HeroesEdit

In "You're in Control", Lord Boxman creates a younger version of himself named Boxman Jr., who bears a strong resemblance to Bowser Jr. and was apparently based on him.

In "Let's Meet Sonic!", KO brings up how apparently Sonic won both the Summer and Winter sports games, accompanied by a crude drawing of Sonic having beat a depressed-looking Mario.

Os Under-UndergroundsEdit

The skeleton with Mario's clothes, along with others based on other video game characters.

In the episode "Diferentes Iguais", Heitor and Bob play an arcade game very similar to New Super Mario Bros. called "Old Super Ambrosio Bros." (derived from another cartoon called A Mansão Maluca do Professor Ambrosio). The features Coins as well as enemies similar to Koopa Troopas, Cheep Cheeps and a Banzai Bill.

In the episode "O Cavalheiro James", one of the skeletons of the heroes who tried to defeat the black knight has the same clothes as Mario, even having an "M" on its hat.

The Owl HouseEdit

In the episode "Something Ventured, Someone Framed", the plant attacking Amelia in the plant room resembles a Piranha Plant.

In the episode "Thanks to Them", during the second video journal entry, Luz wears a shirt with a character that resembles Mario. In the same episode, the design of one of the hats Amity Blight tries on is inspired by the hat worn by Vivian, from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.[5]

Panty & Stocking with GarterbeltEdit

In "Excretion Without Honor or Humanity", there is a picture of a plumber on the Grenshaw Plumbers truck who looks somewhat like Mario.

In "The Stripping", a playboy at the casino was cuddling with two Playboy Girls who resemble Peach and Daisy.

In "Chuck to the Future Part 4", Chuck navigates a Super Mario Bros.-style world. The short starts with Chuck, who is inside a video game for the NES. On his first life, Chuck comes across two enemies, which resemble a Goomba and a Piranha Plant, but they kill him. On his second life, he eats a Super Mushroom-like power up and gains 1000 points, but he soon falls off a cliff, killing him. On his third life, he eats the power up again, tries getting inside a pipe without any luck and falls off the cliff once more, ending in a game over. Once in a new game, Chuck gets past the cliff and eats a weed power up, which makes him able to shoot fireballs, which could be a reference to the Fire Flower. He gets inside a pipe and grabs some coins. Back to the surface, he encounters Fastener, and steps on him several times, gaining a few points and 1-Ups, which is a reference to the Infinite 1-Up glitch with Koopa. Soon after, he reaches the church and completes the first level of the game. At the very end of the short, there is a sign that says "To Be Continued CTTF Part 5". Part 5 of the "Chuck to the Future" series was released as an image on May 27th, 2011 on the Gainax website's front page. The image itself features various screenshots of the fictional Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt 8-bit game.

Pickle and PeanutEdit

A Disney XD bumpers features sprite versions of Pickle and Peanut racing each other with shopping carts, dodging banana peels. This is a reference to Mario Kart.

Piggy Tales: Pigs at WorkEdit

In the episode "Sticky Situation", where a pig gets stuck to a ceiling of crates with glue, the pig bashes his head against the ceiling which makes cheese appear out of the top of the crate with the coin sound playing as each one appears. This is a reference to when Mario hits a ? Block containing coins.

The Pink PantherEdit

In the episode "Yeti 'Nother Bigfoot Story", when the Pink Panther plays a video game on a Game Boy-like console, some sound effects from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.

In "Power of Pink", when the Pink Panther (who is a plumber in the episode) uses a machine to power up into Super Pink, he says "What I'm about to do, I do for plumbers everywhere", possibly indirectly mentioning the Mario Bros. Later on in the episode, the Panther briefly returns to his regular plumber form and powers back up by eating a pickle, parodying the use of the Super Mushroom and/or other power-ups in the Super Mario franchise. Additionally, a plumber (the Pink Panther) powering up into a stronger form with "Super" in its name is a reference to the Mario Bros when they power up into Super Mario and Super Luigi respectively.

Pink Panther and PalsEdit

The Donkey Kong-based arcade game.

In the episode "Pinxillated", one of the arcade games involves The Pink Panther and Big Nose (both replacing Mario) jumping over barrels thrown by an ape to reach the top, which is a reference to the Donkey Kong arcade game.

Pinky MalinkyEdit

At the end of Outdoors, JJ uses a trash bin as a Warp Pipe, even playing an extremely similar sound.

The Powerpuff Girls (1998)Edit

In the special "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!", one of the scenes contain the girls and a professor in a kart-like buggy, and they then fire a Green Shell at the villains up front in a parody of Mario Kart.

The Powerpuff Girls (2016)Edit

In the episode "Bye Bye, Bellum", there is a scene where the Mayor jumps the barrels thrown by the gorilla-like monster Barbarus, and showing the points earned accompanied with an 8-bit music, as a Donkey Kong reference.


In the episode named Funny Love Eruption, Garu is traveling to the volcano trying to calm it. At one point, he jumps on several crocodiles, and writings as: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and an extra life appears.

Rabbids InvasionEdit

In the episode Gorilla Rabbid, the titular "Gorilla Rabbid" climbs atop a large structure and tosses down barrels, while the other Rabbids attempt to climb the structure and jump over the barrels, complete with a similar sound effect and poses to Mario in the arcade Donkey Kong. Whether the resemblance to Rabbid Kong is intentional or coincidental is unknown.

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade NinjaEdit

In "The Tale of the Golden Doctors Note", Randy and Howard must climb a building similar to 25m from the game Donkey Kong in order to save Julian, who in this situation parodies Pauline.


In Economics of Recess, T.J. tries to buy Mon-Cards, only to find they are sold out. The shopkeeper tells him that a Japanese kid thinks Alien Stamp-Cards are the next big thing. Spinelli says that the shopkeeper said Yoshi-Trolls were the next big thing last year.

The Ren & Stimpy ShowEdit

The boy rejects the video game.

Episode 1: Stimpy's Big Day / The Big Shot

This episode begins with a fake commercial, showcasing a boy who is offered a bicycle, which he rejects. The boy is then offered a video game, which he also rejects; when the new hit toy "Log" is offered to the boy, he graciously accepts. Although only a still shot of it is shown for a few seconds, the game clearly resembles Super Mario Bros..

Regular ShowEdit

Super Donkey Bros.

Fortune Cookie
This episode features a video game known as "Super Donkey Bros.", which would later make many more appearances. The game's title is a portmanteau of the games Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

The Bumper Balls challenge and the ? Block-like prize box.

Fool Me Twice
In this episode, Mordecai and Rigby watch a Japanese game show called Fool Me Twice. On the show, there is a mystery prize in a box that strongly resembles a ? Block. Also, the final challenge in the game show features a Bumper Balls section.

Expert or Liar
Rigby's reappearance on the game show, Expert or Liar, has him going through a Donkey Kong-like obstacle course.

Gamers Never Say Die
After Mordecai and Rigby beat a video game, the creator, "Maury Moto" (whose name is likely a reference to Shigeru Miyamoto), appears on screen and says "You are a super player!" This exact message originally appears in Super Mario World at the end of the level Funky.

Kill 'Em With Kindness
Rigby says that many enemies and villains in video games can only be defeated by "jumping on their heads".

Rick and MortyEdit

In the episode "Rattlestar Ricklactica", Summer asks if Rick trapped Jerry in a painting again, which is a reference to the Luigi's Mansion series where King Boo traps Mario in a painting in all of the games.

Robot and MonsterEdit

In "Grandma's Day Out", the howling cyber monkey is seen climbing a Donkey Kong-like building.

Robot ChickenEdit

Spartans invade the 25m course.
Mario, Luigi and Wario in 3 Fast 3 Furious/Super Race.
  • In the episode "The Sack", there is a sketch titled "Halo Kong", where a trio of Spartans from the Halo series venture into the game Donkey Kong. They kill Mario by breaking his neck and they kill Donkey Kong by setting off a mine near Donkey Kong and then shooting him. The Spartans then rescue Pauline.
  • One of the segments featured a parody of the Fast and the Furious movie trilogy, called "3 Fast 3 Furious" (also known as "Super Race"). Competing in the segment's street race are Mario, Luigi and Wario along with several other pop-culture icons. Despite using the "blue tortoise shell" of the Mario Kart series, the Bros. and Wario, along with almost all of the other various racers, still lose to the decapitated corpse of Frank "Ponch" Poncherello from CHiPs. In addition, when Mario and Luigi discuss using the blue shell, Yoshi appears in the background for a split second.
Mario and Luigi being offered drugs during their trip to Vice City.
  • A "bloopers" segment in the episode "Massage Chair" had people attempting stunts similar to those featured on MTV's Jackass. One clip had a fight with people dressed as Donkey Kong and Mario.
  • Another segment, "Grand Theft Mario", features Mario and Luigi going on a series of misadventures in Vice City, which is among the ones featured prominently in the Grand Theft Auto video game series (though the setting is more reminiscent of Liberty City). After committing several crimes (many of them accidental), such as animal abuse (killing a turtle thought to be a Koopa Troopa), resisting arrest, solicitation of a prostitute (who they apparently mistake for Princess Peach), possession of illegal substance (originally thought to be a Mushroom), hit and run and driving under the influence, Luigi ends up being shot multiple times by the police because he is holding a wrench, which the police think of as an assault weapon. Luigi's death causes Mario to rampage, culminating in a standoff between him and the military, after; he manages to kill some of the soldiers before yelling "You'll never take me alive, you mother--", being shot to death mid-sentence. The short ends with Yoshi going down the same road the Bros. did, but instead going left at the fork in the road. He ends up in Raccoon City, the setting of various Resident Evil games after exclaiming, "Raccoon City sounds lovely!". While driving through the destroyed city, Yoshi is attacked and eaten by several zombies, with his head falling off.
    • During the sketch, Mario and Luigi's wanted level rises to a maximum of five stars; the Grand Theft Auto series does not use this as a maximum until Grand Theft Auto V.
  • In one skit, "I Keep It Now", Donkey Kong throws barrels at Mario, but Mario takes one and leaves because DK does not know that his barrels have significant cash value.
Toad as the getaway driver for the robbers.
Toad and his kart rushing into the scene.
  • Toad appeared in the Robot Chicken sketch called "I'm the Best" in the episode, "Due to Constraints of Time and Budget". In the sketch, Toad appears as the getaway driver for a group of robbers following a bank heist and had outrun the cops using his own kart from the Mario Kart series. During the chase, Toad used many items from the Mario Kart games as well including Banana Peels, Koopa Shells, Stars and even the Golden Mushroom. The items were easily accessed as he just had to press buttons in his kart. However he and the robbers were sent over a cliff once one panicking robber pressed a button that launches a spiny blue shell which soon hits them, as Toad claims that these shells seek out the lead kart (referencing its function in the Mario Kart series). When they were hit, the word "BOOM" appeared below the kart, and the kart begins to smoke. This references to Mario Kart 64 when a player is hit with something other than a Banana, Green Shell, and/or some course obstacles and how they use many examples of onomatopoeia (such as "CRASH" and "WHIRRRRRR"). The scene is based off of the beginning scene from the movie The Transporter. The setting at the end seems to be Yoshi Valley, as Toad mentions that the police wouldn't be able to find or catch up to them there.
    • "I'm the best!" is one of Toad's quotes from Mario Kart 64; he says this when he wins a race or battle.
Selected scenes from the skit.
The Mario references.
  • Another segment features Mario meeting Princess Peach's parents. After Mario eats some mushroom soup, he sneezes and turns into Super Mario, claiming he "has a few allergies". Mario accidentally knocks a flower pot which turns him into Fire Mario and then he sneezes fireballs. Mario sneezes again causing a Green Shell to rebound from three Question Blocks and Peach's Castle begins to collapse.
  • In the "The Ballad of Gay Tony" sketch, during the first few seconds, the Nintendo logo and various other video game logos are shown. In the top-right corner, there is a red logo which is cut off, featuring a "SU" over a "MA", a reference to the Super Mario logo. Princess Peach also makes an appearance, when Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince of the Grand Theft Auto series sings "Everyone's trying to save the Princess, but who's gonna save the Prince?" another nod to Super Mario. The Wii is also referenced.
Waluigi's face comes from a TV-MA part of the sketch.
  • Mario appears in "The Fattest Fat Loser" as one of the contestants, along with Miss Piggy, Winnie the Pooh, and Garfield the cat. He explains that he is on the show because while he and "his brother" used to be identical (referencing Luigi's status as a palette swap in the earliest Mario games), he has gradually grown fatter over the years, and if he does not shape up, doctors predict that he will become a grotesque, hideous blob. Barbie, the host and personal trainer of the show, calls him "Super Lard-io" to motivate him in the gym. Mario comes in second place in the "Trigger Food Wheelbarrow Race", losing to Miss Piggy; when Piggy comments on the heat, Mario hallucinates that she is actually his "mama's prosciutto" and tries eating her, inadvertently knocking Miss Piggy into the campfire that served as the group's finish line. He then tells Winnie and Garfield to "let her cook", and joins them in devouring her, growing enormously fat in the final moments of the show and losing to her, despite that she died.
  • Mario has appeared in his own skit, "Thank You Mario!" In this skit, Mario defeats Bowser, and Toad says his line "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!", and Mario jumps offscreen. It turns out it was all a trick because Princess Toadstool claims that Mario is a stalker.
  • Many other characters debut in Robot Chicken (such as Toadette, Birdo, Bowser, Waluigi, and Baby Mario) in the skit, "Mario Party". On a routine Mushroom Kingdom stroll, the Bros. happen upon a pair of multi-coin blocks. The two abuse the block's resources to buy a mansion, several Karts, and to generally drown in debauchery, much to Bowser's disappointment. Reality sets in as bills pile up and the block's coins run out. With the mansion demolished and Bowser satisfied with his new wife, Peach and the Bros. eventually turn into a stereotypical Italian family, as we see in a future scene.
Bits from 3 separate episodes: "I Keep It Now", "Thank You Mario!" and "Kirby's Secret Problem".
  • In one skit, "Kirby's Secret Problem", Yoshi is talking with Kirby on the phone. Yoshi said he "was a pig" on this day and ate about 50 pieces of fruit. Kirby brags that he literally inhaled 20 enemies, and said he was glad that he exhaled most of them. A shocked Yoshi asked if Kirby was still doing that (Kirby promised he wouldn't "binge and purge" anymore), but then Kirby hangs up, saying he "does not need that noise" and then suddenly vomits out a Waddle Dee, who says "Hey, it's none of my business, but, you have a problem."
  • There was a Nintendo E3 event skit that starred Mario, Wario, Peach, Bowser, Ganondorf, Fox McCloud, Link, Toon Link, and Little Mac. Mario walked out of the event, while Bowser was trying to apologize to Peach for abducting her too many times. Mario later came back to help Reggie Fils-Aimé fight off the villains. In that same skit, Reggie also uses a Fire Flower, which turns his clothes red and white.
  • In the January 2018 skit, "The Smashing Games" (a double parody of the Super Smash Bros. series and The Hunger Games, centered on the female Villager), Mario, Wario, and a Bob-omb appear alongside several other characters and objects featured in the Smash Bros. games. Also, Mario is Missing! and Donkey Kong Hockey are jokingly name-dropped as previous works of Nintendo. (Though aside from holding rights, Nintendo's only involvement with the former is publishing the NES version.)
  • Another skit parodies the Mario Kart series again, this time by having Mario give a girl a driving exam by having her partake in a Balloon Battle against Toad, Donkey Kong, and Bowser. While she succeeds in defeating all three using various items from the series, such as a Banana Peel and a Super Star, she is forced to start over due to not activating her turn signal while taking a left turn. Mario tells her to "press Start to try again". The "Start" button is on his groin, to the student's disgust.
  • In one skit made in tandem with Nintendo for E3, a Fire Flower appears, with Reggie Fils-Aimé, at that time the head of Nintendo's American branch, presenting it to the audience before putting it inside himself, causing his clothes to flash colors.
  • A sketch from "Spike Fraser in: Should I Happen to Back Into a Horse" reveals a Bullet Bill to be involved in the 1963 assassination of the 35th U.S. president John F. Kennedy.
  • In the episode "Max Caenen in: Why Would He Know If His Mother's a Size Queen", there is a skit called "Mario Golf" that involves Mario and Bowser playing golf together and having a casual conversation together. Bowser asks Mario if it was weird kidnapping Peach a lot in the past, to which Mario shrugs it off and Bowser hits the golf ball.
  • A sketch from "May Cause Bubbles Where You Don't Want 'Em" has Peach break up with Mario in favor of Timothée Chalamet.
  • A sketch from "May Cause a Squeakquel" reveals a family of farmers to be living in Moo Moo Farm, where they get paid twenty thousand dollars to have Mario and his friends race a few laps on it. During the race, Bowser runs over and kills a few Monty Moles, the racers set the farm house ablaze, and the daughter gets killed when she touches a Fake Item Box.
  • A sketch from "May Cause Involuntary Political Discharge" has Yoshi killing Mario and Luigi as retribution for abandoning him. A later sketch has a Lakitu rescuing Thelma and Louise when they drive their car off a cliff.

Rock Lee and his Ninja PalsEdit

In the episode "We're Here to Welcome Gaara!", Lee decides that he and Gaara will first do kart racing, as he thought of it as a realistic version of playing Mariko Kart, which is a reference to the Mario Kart series.


The babies ascend the castle.

In one episode, entitled "Diapies and Dragons", Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi dodge dragon eggs Donkey Kong style. Tommy also grows bigger when he gets a power up similar to Super Mario.

Sailor MoonEdit

In the episode "Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love", when Usagi, Rei and Ami watch Joe "the Crane Troll" win a Sailor Mercury plush and a dinosaur from a crane game, one of the toys inside resembles a Super Star.

In the episode "Total Chaos: The Messy Love Rectangle", after Usagi and Makoto get in a fight with Mamoru about Motoki only liking them as friends, Usagi decides to play the Sailor V game after finding out that Motoki has a day off. The setting of the Sailor V game vaguely resembles the overworld levels in Super Mario Bros.

Sailor Moon CrystalEdit

In the episode "Usagi -Sailor Moon-", Usagi dreams that she is Sailor V after playing the Sailor V video game, with the setting of the dream loosely resembling the background of the 6th world in the New Super Mario Bros. series. While being Sailor V, she attempts to rescue Luna from a dragon-like character, with Luna being a stand-in for Princess Peach and the dragon character being a stand-in for Bowser.

Sanjay and CraigEdit

In an episode, when Sanjay comes out of the video game store, a poster featuring a character resembling Mario with his clothes' colors inverted can be seen at the shopfront.

In scenes of the show that is set in the Frycade, there is an arcade game called Super Plumber Bros.

Scaredy SquirrelEdit

In the episode "Estrasquirrelstial", as Scaredy is climbing atop a mud-slide, the classic Jump sound effect can be heard for each jump Scaredy makes up the stairs.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove ItEdit

In the episode "Science-types Fell in Love, So They Tried to Gather Evidence of Love", Professor Ikeda suggests Kosuke to find science in video games due Kosuke's research showing no effort. While doing this, Ikeda says that finding NP-hardness in games such as Manio and Pac-Mon (spoofs of Super Mario and Pac-Man respectively) is very effective in doing this type of research.

In another episode, the beginning of the episode has Ibarada playing a Super Smash Bros.-like game, playing as a boy resembling Villager whose name is "Kotarou", and is fighting against an ape strongly resembling Donkey Kong whose name is "Don Kong".

Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedEdit

The drawing of the Banzai Bill-like bullets.
The Ghost of Dead Justice's bullets.

In the episode Dead Justice, the Ghost of Dead Justice shoots bullets that resemble Banzai Bills. Drawings of the bullets, done by Deputy Bucky, resemble Banzai Bills even more.

Scott Pilgrim Takes OffEdit

The title card for "Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life".

In "Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life", the title card is stylized after the logo for Super Mario Bros.

In "Whatever", Music similar to the circuit theme from Mario Kart 64 plays as Young Neil drives a golf cart around a movie set. Shortly after, Young Neil talks to Ramona Flowers about how golf carts in the U.S. are called "Mario Karts".

In "2 Scott 2 Pilgrim", The house Old Scott Pilgrim stays at has a cactus with four-stacked sphere segments, resembling a Pokey. Old Scott tells his past self that Old Wallace Wells' husband works at Nintendo, meaning he gets every Nintendo game for free. Hearing this, Scott leaps into a pose similar to Mario's iconic jumpMedia:Mario.png. The Heart Fruit from Yoshi's Story appears in an x-ray view of Old Scott.

Secret Mountain Fort AwesomeEdit

In one episode, Festro and the Fart race on a racetrack that is very similar to SNES Rainbow Road. Festro even calls it the Rainbow Racetrack. Another character, Dingle, rode on a rocket and used a fishing line to grab the Fart when he fell off the course, in a similar manner to Lakitu in the Mario Kart series.

Sesame StreetEdit

In a 50-minute length Sesame Street DVD, "Elmo's Alphabet Challenge", there is a parody of Super Mario Bros. called, "Super Mustachio Brothers", which is the first challenge A-B-C-More competes, along with Abby to find things that start with the first four letters of the English alphabet.

In episode 4504, two people are seen wearing Mario costumes at "Numeric Con" wearing number 2's on their chests.

In Elmo's World: Computers, Dorothy, Elmo's pet goldfish, imagines Elmo in a computer game. The soundtrack of said game becomes an indirect parody of the Super Mario Bros. theme.

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon ComedyEdit

Mario and Bowser, as shown in Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.
Mario and a hesitant Princess Toadstool.

Seth MacFarlane, famous for creating Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, has made a series of internet cartoons called "Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy", which first episode had a spoof of Super Mario. In this animated short, Mario confronts Bowser on a bridge over lava in his castle à la Super Mario Bros. After leaping over Bowser, Mario removes the axe, causing the Koopa King to plunge into the lava, and he runs over to where Princess Toadstool is waiting. The Princess thanks Mario for rescuing her, but rejects his offer for a kiss, as they just met, and that she doesn't want to make out with him. Mario explains that he merely wants a kiss as opposed to sex, and questions the Princess as to what he went through to reach her. The Princess concludes that Mario merely leapt a bunch of mushrooms (Goombas), and Mario argues that she was pathetic enough to get kidnapped by mushrooms in the first place. After Mario bickers about more aspects of his adventure, the Princess still refuses to kiss him. Mario then calls for Bowser (whom he refers to as "Dragon") to keep the Princess. Upon hearing this, Bowser leaps out from the lava, grabs the Princess and bites her head off.

Sgt. FrogEdit

Kururu (right) and Saburo (left) posing as Mario and Luigi.

Episode #126: "Keroro & Natsumi, Who's the real hero?"

To demonstrate a new "reality-avoiding" device, Kururu and Saburo transport themselves into a Super Mario-esque game. Various elements from Super Mario Bros. are shown, including various bricks, a ? Block, a Warp Pipe, a Poison Mushroom look-alike, and a Bullet Bill knock-off. Also, Kururu is dressed as Mario and Saburo is dressed as Luigi, though with slightly different hats and overalls.

Shangri-La FrontierEdit

Various Super Mario games can be seen in the background of the game store scenes.

Shaun the SheepEdit

The mini-episode "Shaun Goes Old School" (exclusive to Nintendo Video on the Nintendo 3DS) is a reference to Super Mario Bros., in which Shaun plays his Nintendo 3DS while re-enacting gameplay of the game, complete with the game's theme as the background music as well as sound effects. About halfway through the episode, the three pigs throw canisters at Shaun, a reference to Donkey Kong. There is also a variation of this mini-episode without the Super Mario Bros. music called "Video Arcade".[6]

Shomin SampleEdit

In the episode "It Was Like the Garden of Eden", Karen unintentionally slices off Kimito's clothes with her katana, even down to his boxer briefs. After that happens, the coin sound effect can be heard during the transitions leading up to the fantasy scenes of comparing Kimito's body to the Garden of Eden.

The SimpsonsEdit

Video game characters talking to Bart.

Episode 3F07: "Marge Be Not Proud" (originally aired December 17, 1995)

In this episode, Bart wants the new extremely violent video game Bonestorm, but is having trouble getting it. After Jimbo and Nelson brag to him about their shoplifting, Bart observes that the display case housing Bonestorm has been left open. As he contemplates stealing the game, some video game characters pop up in his mind, the Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog among them.

Luigi: Go ahead-a, Bart, take-a the Bonestorm.
Mario: The store, she's so rich. She'll-a never notice.
Donkey Kong: Duh, it's the company's fault for making you want it so much.
Lee Carvallo: Don't do it son. How's that game going to help your putting?
Sonic: Just take it! Takeittakeittakeittakeittakeit TAKE IT!

Notably, in this cameo Mario and Luigi's heights are switched.

Episode 3G01: "The Springfield Files" (originally aired January 12, 1997)

Donkey Kong's appearance in the Simpsons episode.

At the Noiseland arcade, Donkey Kong is shown sitting under a banner declaring that on Friday he can be met in person, but no one seems to be coming to see him. The Manager walks by and says, "Sorry Donkey Kong, you're just not a draw anymore." DK responds by throwing a barrel at him, complete with sound effects from the arcade game, to which he replies, "Hey, he's still got it!"

Mario meets Homer.
DK-esque fight

Episode GABF02: "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" (originally aired Feb. 6, 2005)

Shortly after Homer's showboating makes him a laughingstock, a bus full of Italian-Americans shows up in front of the house while he is taking out the trash. Mario comes out of the crowd, stands next to Homer, and says, "Luigi!, Fast-a, fast-a, take-a my picture with-a the Internet marmalok!" Homer then starts throwing trash cans at him in the style of Donkey Kong until he finally knocks him out. The trash cans are based on the barrels, and Mario also use a hammer.

Episode GABF09: "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star" (originally aired May 15, 2005)

At the beginning of the episode, when Skinner is introducing the school play, he says, "Now kids, since the Middle Ages had no compact discs or Super Mario Men..."

Episode HABF20: "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em" (originally aired September 24, 2006)

Homer and Marge dressed in clothes similar to those of the Mario brothers.

An arcade machine called "Monkey Kong" depicting what appears to be the first level of Donkey Kong can be seen in the background of the arcade Bart enters at the beginning of the episode. Additionally, when Marge and Homer are in their carpentry clothing, Marge wears overalls and a green shirt while Homer wears overalls and a red shirt, the respective colors of Luigi and Mario.

Mario and Luigi in Bro-Land.

Episode MABF01: "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" (originally aired December 13, 2009)

During Bart's dream about Bro-Town, Mario & Luigi are among the brothers he sees, where they jump into a pipe, hit a block and chase after the mushroom that pops out of it.

Episode PABF12: "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again" (originally aired April 29, 2012)

Fun activities like playing the same game with different buttons.

One of the activities listed on the schedule for the cruise ship is Human Super-Mario Brothers.

Episode RABF06 "Gorgeous Grampa" (Originally aired March 3, 2013)

Burns pantomimes DK's sprite in shadow.

During the "High to Be Loathed" music sequence, one of the forms that Mr. Burns pantomimes in shadow is of Donkey Kong's original sprite.

Episode RABF16 "Treehouse of Horror XXIV" (Originally aired October 7, 2013)

During "Oh, the Places You'll D'oh!", a Springfielder is dressed up as an alternately colored Mario, reminiscent of his appearance in Nintendo Power #1.

Episode "Four Regrettings and a Funeral" (Originally aired November 3, 2013)

At one point when Kent Brockman is thinking about his past, he's at Chef Luigi's Pizzeria. Chef Luigi offers him a scoop, which is actually a plan to put his rival pizzeria out of business. The rival mentioned is Chef Mario's Pizzeria.

Episode SABF15 "Pay Pal" (Originally aired May 11, 2014)

This episode's intro begins with Mario hitting a ?-Block.

Episode SABF18 "The Yellow Badge of Cowardge" (Originally aired May 18, 2014)

During an argument with fireworks operator, Giuseppe, Homer calls him "Super Mario".

Episode WABF15 "Dogtown" (Originally aired May 21, 2017)

During a montage of the new dog-friendly Springfield, a dog steals some sausages from a butcher's named "Mario's Meats". The butcher's is run by a man who is almost identical to the pizza chef Luigi Risotto, however has a different build and moustache. This is a reference to the Mario Bros., both with the names and similar appearance but with some changed characteristics.

Episode YABF13 "The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby" (Originally aired April 19, 2020)

Mario and Donkey Kong appear in Hudson's house, with Mario working on plumbing and Donkey Kong throwing barrels like in the original Donkey Kong game.

Episode ZABF17 "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" (Originally aired October 18, 2020)

During "Into the Homer-Verse", the pixelated version of Homer uses the original jump sound effects from Super Mario Bros., and faces against a Bowser-looking version of Mr. Burns at the climax of the segment.

Episode OABF03 "Game Done Changed" (Originally aired December 4, 2022)

Boblox uses a sound effect from Super Mario Bros.

Episode OABF04 "Top Goon" (Originally aired December 11, 2022)

Barney Gumble dresses up as Wario at the Halloween party at Moe's Tavern.

Episode OABF21 "Thrist Trap: A Corporate Love Story" (Originally aired October 29, 2023)

Mr. Burns and Persephone appears on the magazine Nintendo Power, while parodying Mario and Princess Peach.


In Sidekick Sideshow, Vana hits some "!" boxes, one of which has a Super Star in it that makes Vana grow.

So I'm a Spider, So What?Edit

In the episode "Reincarnation, in Another World?", when Shiraori gets reincarnated as a white spider in an RPG-like world and starts her journey, she says "Let's go!" in a very similar way to how Mario says it, complete with an Italian accent.

Solar OppositesEdit

In the episode "The Extremity Triangulator", Malcolm Gladwell mentions that without Terry's arms, all he be able to write is the "exotic Luigi's Mansion fanfic that comes to me so naturally".

In the episode "The Gargoyle Ray", Yumyulack mentions Super Mario 64 as he goes into a painting.

In the episode "The Platinum Beyblade Burst 800 Takara Tomy Edition", Jesse buys a Lakitu Cloud from Club Nintendo points.

Sonic BoomEdit

In the episode "Let's Play Musical Friends", when Orbot and Cubot are exploring the 17-bit world, Cubot asks "What if the princess is in another castle?"

In the episode "Nominatus Rising", when Tails explains the Build-it Box, Sonic says "There's this princess in a castle that I'd like to meet."

In the episode "Eggman: The Video Game (Part 1)", after completing his game, Dr. Eggman says, "Finally, a video game starring a pudgy guy with a mustache.", a reference to Mario. Later in the episode, Tails and Knuckles list parodies of popular video games, one of which is "Super Plumber Bros.".

South ParkEdit

Episode 117: The Jeffersons (originally aired Apr. 21, 2004)
A screen shot from Super Mario Bros. 2 and another from Super Mario Bros. are displayed on two arcade machines inside Blanket's house. Only visible for a few seconds, they are part of a group of four arcade games with generic-looking cabinets and fake titles.

Episode 152: Go God Go XII (originally aired Nov. 8, 2006)
An arcade cabinet which appears to be based on Mario Bros. can be seen inside an abandoned technology museum visited by Eric Cartman.

Episode 163: Imaginationland (originally aired Oct. 17, 2007)
When Pat the Hammer asks if Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters and Jimmy saw the leprechaun and if he had any news after they arrive at Imaginationland, Mario (with an "E" on his cap) can be seen in the background along with the good residents of Imaginationland.

Episode 164: Imaginationland Episode II (originally aired Oct. 24, 2007)
During the scene where the evil characters torment Strawberry Shortcake, Wario (with a "V" on his cap and gloves) can be seen in the background along with the other evil characters.

Episode 165: Imaginationland Episode III (originally aired Oct. 31, 2007)
In several shots, Mario, Wario, and Bowser are among the characters partaking in the final battle between the good and evil characters of Imaginationland, with Mario fighting on the good side, along with Wario and Bowser fighting on the evil side, respectively.

Episode 166: Guitar Queer-O (originally aired Nov. 7, 2007)
Stan buys a copy of a videogame called "Heroin Hero" featuring a pink dragon character which bears a striking resemblance to Yoshi, having a very similar physical appearance, identical shoes, and a similar voice.

Episode 212: Royal Pudding (originally aired May 11, 2011)
At the Canadian Royal Wedding in this episode, when the Princess of Canada is taken away, the reporter comments that "The little mushroom people of Nova Scotia" are screaming with horror. The mushroom people somewhat resemble Toads.

Episode 277: The End of Serialization as We Know It (originally aired December 7, 2016)
At one point in the episode, Sheila Broflovski checks her son Ike Broflovski's search history to see if he did any trolling on the internet. Though only seen for a brief moment, one of Ike's searches is Mario Kart 8.

Episode 292: The Scoots (originally aired October 31, 2018)
During the trick or treating scene in the neighborhood, a boy dressed up as Mario can be seen at one point.

Episode 316: Cupid Ye (originally aired February 8, 2023)
Towards the end of the episode when Cupid Ye shoots the kids at the elementary school with arrows, the affected kids corner Kyle, questioning him on the several movie and TV show decisions made by Hollywood, including Butters, who questions that Kyle "seriously can't do better than Mario Brothers?", referencing The Super Mario Bros. Movie.


Spaceballs: The Animated SeriesEdit

The episode "Grand-Thief Starship" contains various character parodies to Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Diddy Kong.


The Donkey Kong reference in Spliced!.

When Princess Pony Apehands in her collar takes Octocat to the top of a construction site, Mr. Smarty Smarts makes his way up with barrels being thrown at him as a reference to Donkey Kong.

SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

The Dr. Mario reference.
Squidward inside the painting, referencing Super Mario 64

In "Atlantis SquarePantis", during Sandy Cheeks's video game-themed musical segment, she goes down a Warp Pipe and into a room that has the same frame and background used during gameplay in Dr. Mario; the Warp Pipe resembles its appearance in Super Mario Land. The jumping sound effect plays as she kills bacteria by stomping them, and when the gang is rescued, the losing theme from Donkey Kong plays. Enemies that resemble the Viruses, a Spiny, and a Wiggler appear as well. Additionally, when SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick are kidnapped by a large virus, they shout "HELP!" akin to Pauline in Donkey Kong. Later on, Lord Royal Highness throws Squidward into a painting, a reference to Super Mario 64; the painting even uses a ripple effect similar to the one seen when Mario enters a painting.

Squid GirlEdit

In OVA 1, Harris, Clark and Martin are playing as racers in a parody version of Super Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS. They also later presented a Game Boy Micro to Eiko and Squid Girl, which includes a game called Super Eiko, a reference to Super Mario Bros..


In the episode "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma", before Early sends his son Rusty off to Japan, he tells him to say "hi" to Mario and "all his Mushroom Buddies" for him.

In another episode "The Legend of Kid Squid", there is a broken arcade machine named Monkey King, which is a parody of Donkey Kong.

Squirrel BoyEdit

At the end of the episode "Dis and Make Up", when Kyle yells at Andy and Rodney, the side of his head resemble Donkey Kong.

Steven UniverseEdit

The plush mushroom.

In "Laser Light Cannon", when Steven is going through his father's garage, he passes by a plush mushroom that bears a big resemblance to a Super Mushroom.

In "House Guest", the Gems give Greg a blue "Warp Whistle" that activates the warp pad when played. However, the tune from Super Mario Bros. 3 is absent.

In "Future Vision", Steven has a toy that highly resembles Yoshi.

In "Say Uncle", Steven and Uncle Grandpa are playing a video game resembling Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In "Reformed", Amethyst has a ? Block in her room.

In "Mindful Education" and "Jungle Moon", Stevonnie kicking their legs to hover in the air are very similar to Yoshi and Luigi's scuttle jump.

In "Doug Out", Steven assumes the pseudonym of "Peter Pizzapopolis", donning a cap and mustache similar to that of Mario, and using Mario's catchphrases "It's-a me!" and "Mamma mia!".

In "Steven Reacts", Steven has boxes for various parodies of GameCube-era games on the shelf behind him, including "Lue's Estate", based on Luigi's Mansion, and "Smash Pals Scuffle", a reference to Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!Edit

Chiro as 8-bit Mario.

Episode 40: "Galactic Smash: Space Attack (Part 1)" (originally aired Sep. 8, 2007)

At one point, Otto gets a hologram and turns Chiro into Mario from Super Mario Bros., Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong.

Super Why!Edit

In some episodes, Littlest Pig's older brothers can be seen wearing clothes very similar to Mario and Luigi, respectively.

In the episode "Tilden the Caterpillar", when Princess Presto successfully spells the word "branch" and says "PRESTO!", certain sound effects from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.

Tantei Opera Milky HolmesEdit

In Act 2, Episode 2 ("Nice Sushi", originally aired January 12, 2012), a mix of sound effects consisting of collecting a 1-Up and Coin from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros can be heard about ten minutes into the episode when Nero bargains with an old man about selling a picture to him and is shocked at what he offers to her.

In Act 2, Episode 3 ("The Strange Tales of Hakkei Island", originally aired January 19, 2012), the sound effect of using a reserve item in Super Mario World can be heard near the end of the episode when the members of Milky Holmes are confused about what the word "prison" means after destroying one and has Henriette explain it to them.

In Act 2, Episode 4 ("The Slumbers of Milky Holmes", originally aired January 26, 2012), the sound effect of using a reserve item in Super Mario World can be heard just under the fourteen minute mark of the episode where the members of Milky Holmes are changing their sleeping positions.

Team UmizoomiEdit

In the episode "Let's Play Math Dragons!", an obstacle that appears in the first cave segment resembles a Piranha Plant. In the same episode, in the second cave segment, the tunnels they go through resemble a Warp Pipe.


Teekyuu's spoof of Super Mario Bros..

In the first episode of season 3, "The World is Not Enough", Yuri, Nasuno, Kanae, and Marimo are going skiing, and accidentally enter an exceedingly difficult course that they believe to be the beginner's course. Immediately, the world turns a spoof of Super Mario Bros., with a pixelated artstyle, Goomba and ? Block lookalikes, and baseballs in place of Coins. As with most jokes in the series, this is not brought up again (beyond the fact that Marimo has lives and gets a Game Over, though this is outside of the Super Mario spoof).

Teen Titans Go!Edit

Robin hitting a ? Block while looking like Mario.

The show contains many references to the Super Mario franchise as series developers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath are Super Mario fans themselves. The two would later go on to direct The Super Mario Bros. Movie by Illumination.[7]

In "Legendary Sandwich" (the show's premiere), the sound effect that plays when Mario enters a secret area from Super Mario 64 can be heard when Raven summons the legendary sandwich storybook.

In "Laundry Day", when Cyborg dies and his spirit begins to ascend, Beast Boy sucks it up with a vacuum cleaner. This is a reference to Luigi's Mansion.

In the beginning of "La Larva de Amor", the Titans have a milk mustache contest. At one point, Robin gives himself a mustache that looks like Mario's, dons a cap like Mario's, and hits a ? Block, causing a coin to pop out.

In the episode "Hey Pizza!", when Cyborg and Beast Boy are trying to get free pizza, one of their attempts involves shooting missiles that look similar to Bullet Bills at the pizza guy.

In the episode "Gorilla", Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven have Donkey Kong's voice clips from Mario Kart 64. Also in "Gorilla", Beast Boy states crocodiles are the natural enemies of gorillas, referencing the Donkey Kong Country series (as Kremlings are based off of crocodiles).

In the episode "The Left Leg", when Robin pulls a penny from behind Cyborg's ear, the coin sound effect can be heard.

In the episode "Caramel Apples", skeletons wearing Mario and Luigi's caps are seen in the caverns that Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg are trapped in.

In the episode "Serious Business", when Robin is in the toilet, he is parodying Super Mario Bros. and exits a Warp Pipe at the end of the scene.

The episode "Video Game References" features each of the Titans in scenarios based on different video games. Robin's scenario, called "Save the Princess, Bro!", is based on Super Mario Bros., and has him trying to save a princess; however, he gets distracted by jumping on snail shells, collecting cash from blocks and going inside a Warp Pipe that leads to an actual sewer.

"The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular" has a picture on the writers' wall of an 8-bit Monsieur Mallah modeled after Donkey Kong holding the Brain like a barrel.

"Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story" has Robin playing Super Mario Bros. with an arcade machine similar to Donkey Kong and the 1983 Mario Bros. game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast ForwardEdit

In the episode "The Gaminator", Michelangelo comments that a certain video game he and the other turtles are sucked into is the greatest platformer since Super Fabio Bros., a clear parody of Super Mario Bros.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)Edit

In the episode, "The Pulverizer Returns!", when Donatello discovers some coins that a Foot Ninja left behind, a coin-collecting sound effect is heard, which references Super Mario Bros..

In the episode, "Fungus Humongous", Michelangelo stomps on a set of mutant mushrooms in a similar fashion to the jumping sprite from Super Mario Bros..

Tiny Toon AdventuresEdit

Several screenshots of the Super Plucky-o Bros. commercial.

Episode W-165: K-ACME TV

Halfway through this episode, a fake commercial plays, advertising "the brand new hit video game, Super Plucky-o Bros.!" The game parody features Plucky-o and his brother Linguini (two Plucky Ducks) being guided through Fungoworld, where they must rescue Princess Loon (Shirley the Loon) from the Toadstool Tower by picking a magic kumquat from a tree. Linguini tries to do so, but is then chased away from said tree by the Dizzy Doofus (Dizzy Devil), and then Pluckyo eludes various enemies larger than himself, until finally he finds "The Giant Nyah Nyah of Power" (a magic egg) that turns him into an invincible giant who defeats the enemies and plucks Loon from the tower. The game then ends, showing Plucky playing it in an arcade, saying "It's more than a game, it's an obsession!", right before a set of false teeth come out of the game and begin chasing him around as the segment ends.

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Sam climbing the structure
Larry, the giant Venus fly trap

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Sam, one of the various new contestants introduced this season, is a gaming guru obsessed with electronics. As such, he makes a number of references to different franchises. Most notably, his "Game Guy" is a reference to the Game Boy, though the system itself resembles more of a Nintendo DS. In his audition tape, he is seen simultaneously playing with controllers resembling a Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo GameCube, and Wii, with a poster displaying a Super Mushroom labelled "POW" on the wall in the background.

While the contestants are being warned about the mutated wildlife, a roar similar to Bowser's from Mario Kart 64 can be heard coming from the woods.

Runaway Model

While the teams are traveling to Boney Island for their impromptu rescue challenge, Sam, suffering from video game withdrawal due to having all of his systems confiscated, imagines himself as a pixelated character, and the ducks traveling near their boat as ones from Duck Hunt. Shortly after, the yeti who captured Lindsay and brought her to the island becomes angry and stomps atop the building in a similar manner to a Donkey Kong rampage, slanting the structure beneath him to be lopsided, resembling the 25m level of said game. Sam successfully scales most of the building, remarking that he still has one life left after all of his teammates have failed.

Sam proceeds to jump over a number of barrels before using a hammer to destroy a few of them, before eventually reaching the top of the structure. Exhausted, he comments that he could use a power-up. When he is thrown to the bottom, Brick, one of his teammates, comments "Game Over!", as Sam asks if he has lost all of his lives. Meanwhile, Jo, a member of the other team, receives a makeover in an effort to subdue the yeti, commenting "Your princess is here!" Upon realizing what she actually looks like, she begins to chuck barrels down at one of her own teammates for giving her the makeover.

When Sam is voted off in that very same episode, he comments that he is out of continues.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest

Larry, a giant Venus flytrap, resembles a Big Piranha Plant.

Total Drama All-StarsEdit

Evil Dread

When Mike is sleeping, one of his alternate personalities, Vito, shouts "How're we gonna stomp this Goomba?", referring to Mal, Mike's evil alter-ego.

Food Fright

In the exclusive clip, after Sam is eliminated, he ends up in a sewer and begins hallucinating that he is in a video game world based off of Super Mario Bros., defeating two turtles resembling Shellcreepers before entering what appears to be a yellow Warp Pipe.

Transformers: AnimatedEdit

The Autobot characters Huffer and Pipes are designed to look like Mario and Luigi, respectively.


In the episode "Jogos de Computador" (Computer Games), T.R.EX.C.I was playing World 6-1 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the computer.

Uncle GrandpaEdit

Said map.

During the episode "Afraid of the Dark", Uncle Grandpa looks closely at a photo of a knight fighting a motorcycle to reveal a map of his current location. The map is heavily based on the map from Super Mario World, containing a Super Mushroom and a Warp Pipe amongst the various parts of the room he's in.

During the Smile Juice song from the episode "Ballin'", Pizza Steve is traveling through an area similar to the end of level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. The scene then pulls back to reveal the character playing an arcade game called Pizza Bros. 2.

In "Inventor Mentor", at the ending of the episode, there are some residents cheering for Uncle Grandpa and Isabella that resemble Mario and Luigi.


In "Welcome to the Unikingdom", during the animal breakout scene, Dr. Fox stomps on a turtle causing it to retreat into its shell in a similar fashion to a Koopa Troopa.

The Wacky World of Tex AveryEdit

One of the Genghis & Khannie episodes is entitled "Donkey Conqueror", in which Genghis the Barbarian is pitted against the titular gorilla rival named similarly to Donkey Kong.

Wander Over YonderEdit

In the episode The Hero, Princess Demurra bears a resemblance to Princess Peach and Wander dodging the traps with no harm is similar to what Mario does in Super Mario Bros. Near the beginning of the episode The It, when Commander Peepers demonstrates his plan to steal General McGuffin's territory for Lord Hater, the monitor's closeup of the flag on the fort shows six 8-bit fireworks explosion graphics ripped straight from Super Mario Bros., complete with sped-up renditions of the original sound effect. Also, Sylvia is often seen walking with her arms in a position close to her body, which may be an allusion to Yoshi's arms being in a similar position, especially when ridden.

We Bare BearsEdit

In most of the episodes, the Bears' cave features a poster named "Plumber Race 9", which is a spoof of the Mario Kart series.

Panda's Dream

In this short exclusive to Cartoon Network's website, a poster for a game called "Plumber Race 10" can be seen on Game World, spoofing the Mario Kart series.

Slumber Party

The bears and Chloe play a video game featuring a duck, dog, cat and bunny on top of an island, standing on some balls. When the cat, dog and bunny fall, the remaining duck is rewarded with the words "WINNER!". This is a reference to the Mario Party minigame, Bumper Balls.

Bear Stack

The game Panda plays in the beginning of the short is Super Cat Knight, which resembles Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda. Additionally, during the video game segment, the bears slide down the flagpole, which appears to be reminiscent of the end of some of the levels in various Super Mario games.

More Everyone's Tube

During the Bears Facts- Official Music Video, Grizz at one point mentions that bears are good at video games, with the video game's setting loosely resembling the background of Super Mario Bros.

Panda's Birthday

When Monsta X arrive by opening the hotel door, the mushroom sound effect can be heard.

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?Edit

In the episode "Electric Boogaloo", Mitch and Cubey play a head-to-head game on their Game Boys. Mitch then asks Robot Jones if he wants to play Monkey Kong Jr.

Wish KidEdit

In the episode "Lotto Trouble", one of the games that the clerk at the arcade mentions is Super Maria Sisters.

The World God Only KnowsEdit

Keima resembling Mario.

The second OVA begins with Keima, whose appearance is based off of Mario's sprite from Super Mario Bros.. He is seen performing the 1-Up trick on a Koopa Shell.

World War BlueEdit

Marcus and Yozu referencing Mario and Yoshi.

The 3-episode anime series is a parody of the console wars between Nintendo and Sega. Marcus, the emperor and general of the Ninteldo Empire, is based on Mario due to his mustache and the letter M on his forehead. His brother Guliji, who is the imperial prince and the commander in the Ninteldo Army, being based on Luigi is the letter L on his forehead and his Italian accent. And a green dinosaur, Yozu, that Marcus occasionally rides is based on Yoshi.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for OtakuEdit

In the episode "Sales Event and Gamers Meetup", Narumi and Hirotaka hang out together and play Mario Kart Wii, with Narumi complaining about why a banana is underneath an Item Box. Later on, Koyanagi and Kabakura join them and Kabakura rages about a Thwomp squishing him while driving. In the same episode, Narumi has a childhood flashback of her and Hirotaka playing the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with Narumi claiming that Dixie Kong is hard to control and Hirotaka replying that Diddy Kong is easier and better because he jumps higher. This implies that they are both playing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

Yamada's First Time: B Gata H KeiEdit

In the episode "A Throbbing Christmas Eve. What Does a First Kiss Taste Like?/We Can't Go Home Like This! Let's Go to the Make-out Park!", Yamada calls her friend Miharu for advice on what to do next after she kisses her crush Kosuda, after which Yamada asks if she will "get it on like Donkey Kong" (make out) with her date.

Yin Yang Yo!Edit

Episode 122: Attack of the Vidiots/Fit to be Tried

In the "Attack of the Vidiots" segment, Yang is sucked into his video game by The Lesson, which forces him to play endlessly (or, at least, until he has learned how bad it is to play too much video games). At a certain point, when Yang saves the princess, she says "Thank you, but the real princess is in another castle.", in the same fashion of the Toads up until World 7-4 in Super Mario Bros.. Yang later complains that he doesn't get any extra points, which might reference the lack of extra points the player receives after completing a castle in the original game.

Zig & SharkoEdit

The Island Tour

As this episode is about racing around the entire island, it appropriately makes constant references to the Mario Kart series. One scene features Item Boxes with some of their powers activated instantly when touched, making them reminiscent of the effects of triple items in Mario Kart 8. Notably, one of the item boxes plays the powerup sound from Super Mario World when touched. Another scene also shifts the race to a third-person perspective view, much like in the Mario Kart games.

Halfway during the race, Zig and Bernie find a green Warp Pipe to use as a shortcut. By entering it, the two end up in a sidescrolling level reminiscent of the ones in Super Mario Bros. Several sounds from Super Mario World can be heard, including Brick Block sounds that play while the duo jumps across disappearing platforms, and the sound of passing through a Checkpoint when they reach the end of the level. Afterwards, Zig and Bernie exit the level through another Warp Pipe and continue the race from there.

Father in Law

When Zig and Bernie grab Marina and run off with Sharko and King Poseidon on their tails, the animation switches to a 16-bit style. Zig hits a floating Block and grabs the resulting bottle of ketchup. He then leaps over several enemies, including an ape holding a barrel over his head. Poseidon takes damage from a cactus and shrinks, prompting him to hop on top of Sharko in order to keep going. Sharko hits a Block and they both eat the resulting Mega Mushroom, causing them to become gigantic. They subsequently mow down several enemies, such as a Piranha Plant, with their size and Fireballs. They return to normal upon hitting another cactus then leap over a gap, only for Poseidon to get knocked off by a row of Blocks and grab onto Sharko's fin to keep from falling. The video game sequence ends and the usual animation is restored.

Sound effects heard in animation/cartoonsEdit

Sound effects from Super Mario games are also fairly common in modern animated series, particularly those with scenes that involve arcades, video game systems, or computers. This is due to some of those sounds being in the public domain, such as sounds from the Atari port of Donkey Kong. Here is a list of animated TV shows where Super Mario sound effects can be heard (listed in alphabetical order).

  • Amphibia (In the episode "Ivy on the Run", when it shows the character Ivy getting ready in her room, her jump makes the same sound as the jumping sound effect from Super Mario Bros.)
  • Adventure Time (When Finn and Jake get inside Beemo while playing a video game, Finn sings a tune very similar to the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme.)
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (In the episode "The Magic Hassle", as Dr. Robotnik types on his computer, several sounds from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.)
  • American Dragon: Jake Long
  • Back to the Future (Sound effects from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are used throughout the episode "Bravelord and the Demon Monstrux", which features an arcade game).
  • Batman: The Animated Series (used as sound effects for the "Maze of the Minotaur" game)
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (In the episode "The Map of Infinity", one of the heads on the two-headed dragon in the temple makes a Bowser roar.)
  • Bubble Bip (Spanish production; there are several sound effects based on Super Mario franchise such as the goal in Super Mario World.)
  • The Casagrandes (In the episode "Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?", the coin sound effect from the NES games plays whenever Ronnie Anne gets ingredients.)
  • Clarence (The sound effect of an object coming out of a ? Block from Super Mario Bros. was used in the episode "Escape from Beyond The Cosmic" when Jeff gives a piece of grass to Clarence.)
  • Curious George (In "Doctor George", George tries to investigate a mysterious noise that sounds exactly like the sound when Mario goes down a Warp Pipe)
  • Danny Phantom (The mushroom sound effect has been used during "Teacher of the Year" and "Micro-Management".)
  • Dave the Barbarian
  • Dexter's Laboratory
  • DinoSquad (In the episode "The Lost Worldwide Web", one of the team members plays an online game using a few sound effects from the Mario games, most noticeably the Mushroom one).
  • Fanboy & Chum Chum (In the episode "Hex Games", the Mario coin sound plays whenever a bat is zapped, but it's in a higher key.)
  • The Fairly OddParents (In "Power Mad!", when either the characters lose a life while playing in the virtual reality video game, the lose a life sound effect from Mario Bros. is heard. In the episode "Odd Ball", just as Timmy gets a score while playing Digi Dunk 3000 on the V-Cube, the power-up sound effect from Super Mario Bros. is heard. In "Hassle in the Castle", while inside Cosmo and Wanda's castle, Timmy enters through an arcade room to which the power-up sound effect from Super Mario World is heard.)
  • Fish Hooks In the episode "Underwater Boy", Oscar's video game makes sound effects from the Donkey Kong game on the Atari 2600 (mostly the walking, victory, and jumping noise.)
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (In "Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure", the Warp Pipe sound effect is used at one point. Also, during another episode, Billy plays a video game which includes sound effects and music from Wario Land II.)
  • Hero Factory (During the episode "Savage Planet", the heroes are seen playing a game of robo-ball against ten computer-created opponents; every time one of the virtual players was knocked out of the arena and when they won, the coin sound effect can be heard)
  • Invader Zim (Sound effects from Super Mario Bros. are used for a scene in an arcade)
  • Johnny Test (A few episodes, most notably "My Dinner with Johnny", use the sound effect of Mario entering a secret area from Super Mario 64).
  • Kim Possible (In one episode, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are in an arcade. Sounds from Sonic and Pac-Man are also heard. In another episode where Ron gets stuck in a MMORPG, the jumping sound from the NES games are heard.)
  • KonoSuba (Throughout the series during logo cutaways, a sound effect that sounds similar to the sound Mario makes when throwing a fireball in the original games can be heard.)
  • Lloyd in Space
  • The Legend of Zelda (Near the beginning of the episode: "Doppelganger", Link can be heard whistling the Super Mario theme.)
  • The Loud House (In the episode "Present Tense", the coin sound effect from the NES games can be heard in Flip's cash register.)
  • The Mr. Men Show (In the episode "Game Shows", when Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small open the box (which resembles a Question Block), it makes the sound when entering a course in Super Mario Bros. 3). Another sketch contains a snail that makes the movement sound in Donkey Kong when slithering away.
  • The Mighty B! (In the episode "Doppelfinger", the sound from Fire Mario when throwing fireballs can be heard in a segment)
  • Mickey Mouse (2013 TV series) (In the episode "Tokyo Go", when the red train enters a tunnel, the mushroom and coin sounds from Super Mario Bros. are used when Mickey collects a heart and coins respectively.)
  • ¡Mucha Lucha!
  • Naruto (In the episode "Nine Tails Unleashed!", Four-Tails Naruto makes a Bowser roar)
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches (In the episode "Butterfly Race!", the Super Mushroom sound is heard when Oggy's butterfly speeds up courtesy of some honey. Additionally, the same sound is heard in "A Charming Guy" when Olivia's kiss restores Oggy to his full height. In the episode "Sport Fans", during the rowing segment, the countdown sound effect from Super Mario Kart is used.)
  • Oruchuban Ebichu ep. 9 (The coin sound effect is used)
  • The Penguins of Madagascar (During "Friend in a Box", while Mort is playing with his Game Boy-like console, the sound effects for Mario walking and jumping over a barrel from the Atari port of Donkey Kong are heard.)
  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (In "Spy Who Slimed Me", after Betrayus banished Specter for insubordination, one of the fire dragons roared with one of Bowser's voice clips in Mario Kart 64. The same sound effect is heard in "Betrayus Turns the Heat Up".)
  • Phineas and Ferb ("Gaming the System", "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation", "Brain Drain")
  • Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work (In the episode "Sticky Situation", the coin sound effect from Super Mario Bros. is heard as the Bad Piggy repeatedly smashes its head on the wooden crate above it, producing slices of cheese.)[8]
  • The Real Ghostbusters ("Stay Tooned")
  • Sailor Moon Crystal (The jump sound from Donkey Kong is heard in the background of an arcade.)
  • Sitting Ducks (In "Iced Duck", The cave-duck sounds like Petey Piranha.)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (In the episode "Sonic Boom", a sewer monster roars in a manner similar to Bowser's roar.)
  • Spider-Man (In one episode of the new animated Spider-Man, While a bystander was playing a game, the viewer could hear both the Mario jump sound and coin collect sound from Super Mario Bros. on the NES.)
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil (In the episode “Party With a Pony”, when Star, Marco and Pony Head go to the arcade, several sound effects from various Super Mario games can be heard in the background.)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series)
  • Teacher's Pet
  • Teamo Supremo
  • Teen Titans (Beast Boy roars like Bowser whenever he turns into a dinosaur. Also, in the episode "Switched", the sound effect of Mario breaking a Brick Block can be heard on the game over screen of Beast Boy's video game.)
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) (In the very beginning of "The Pulverizer Returns!", Donatello finds a coin, and just when he picks it up, the coin sound effect from Super Mario Bros. is heard.)
  • The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) (Often in a few episodes, Jerry Mouse sometimes makes the running sound from the game Donkey Kong. Also, the sound of Mario flying with a cape from Super Mario World is heard in the episode "Franken Kitty".)
  • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (an edited version of Bowser's roar from Mario Kart 64 is heard in the background of an episode)
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise (In "Defrosted", Fixit is seen playing a game with sound effects from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.)
  • Wayside (In "Meet the Pets", one of the monkeys have Donkey Kong's sound effects from Mario Kart 64.)
  • The Weekenders (In some episodes, when the characters are at the arcade, several sound effects from various Super Mario games can be heard at times. Also, in the episode "Dead Ringer", when Tino gets the results on what sport he's best suited for on a sports aptitude program, sound effects from Super Mario World are heard.)
  • Wish Kid


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