Luigi's Ghost Mansion

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Luigi's Ghost Mansion is a competitive attraction minigame in Nintendo Land. It is loosely based on Luigi's Mansion.


A ghost tracker uses their flashlight on the Gold Ghost while another revives a fainted member.

The game involves up to four players, wearing costumes of Luigi, Mario, Waluigi, and Wario, respectively (as dressed in player order), each armed with a flashlight, aiming to evade the Gold Ghost and use their flashlights to defeat it. The single player controls the Gold Ghost and must try to make the other players faint. If the Gold Ghost is near, a vibration is felt through the Wii Remote. Lightning also appears on occasion, making the Gold Ghost briefly visible.

When there is less than four players on the human side, then some Monitas join in to fill in the remaining spots and support them. They only follow specific routes on the map and turn off their flashlight if a player-controlled human approaches. They cannot be defeated by the ghost player and they can damage the ghost just like a human player. When there is only one human versus a ghost, the human player has three lives. If two humans are against the ghost, they have two lives each.

Occasionally, batteries spawn onto the map for players that have run low on batteries. The human players' batteries eventually run out as they continue to search for the ghost. Rarely, a larger, more powerful battery spawns on the stage that upgrades the flashlight the player is carrying to the Super Light. This flashlight is gold in color and has a star-shaped top. It has the ability to revive fallen players faster and deals damage to the ghost at a much faster pace.

The ghost has an ability where it can charge up a magic meter by having the player hold   and   on the GamePad. When this meter is filled up, all the energy in the human players' flashlights run completely out of battery. However the human players can avoid the energy-zapping portal by simply moving out of its vicinity. If a Monita is caught in the attack, they are stunned for a few seconds.

If the Mii dressed as the ghost wins against the Miis dressed as the humans, the message "Good night!" (the Game Over message in the Luigi's Mansion series) appears before fading to the results.


There are different layouts of the game depending on how many players there are. There is the Main Floor which is the starting stage of the minigame. It is a large basic mansion with many walls and awkwardly designed corridors. The Basement is unlocked second after a game has been completed on Main Floor. It is very similar to the Main Floor but the walls are replaced with large crates and it is more open for players to move freely without limits. The Research Lab is the third stage, and is set in a laboratory that has multiple conveyor belts that move in specific directions. The Storage Room is the fourth stage and features knights in armor that shake around when human players approach. The fifth stage is Monita's Rooftop. It features almost no areas for the ghost to hide in and Monitas patrolling the stage.

Professor E. Gadd is heavily implied to be the one describing the different courses in Luigi's Ghost Mansion, as they match his manner of speaking.

Stage Description
Main Floor "The layout of the first floor isn't too fancy, but the ghost can still sneak up behind you real quick-like! Look lively, youngsters!"
The Basement "I used to store my inventions on this floor, but then the ghosts started using it as their rumpus room. The layout is pretty disorganized, so watch out!"
Research Lab "This here laboratory is where I do my paranormal-research stuff! I reckon the ghosts will be able to fly right over the conveyor belts."
The Storage Room "Criminy! That suit of armor must be haunted, 'cause it rumbles when it sees people!"
Monita's Rooftop "I've been tinkering with some Monita prototypes in my spare time. When the Monitas' lamps change color, the ghost is nearby!"


Name How to unlock
Ghostly Good Night x10 Win as the ghost ten times.
Battery-Free Victory Win as the ghost tracker without picking up any batteries.
A Ghastly Comeback Win as the ghost with less than five health remaining.
Magical Win Win as the ghost by taking out the last player after they are affected by the magic attack.
Untouchable Roof Wraith Win as the ghost on Monita's Rooftop without taking any damage.



  •  : Move
  •  : Dash
  • Hold   +  : Charge up magic[1]
  • Release   +  : Use magic

Wii RemoteEdit

  •  : Move
  •  : Sidestep
  •  : Shine light

Related prizesEdit

  • One song for the Jukebox:
  Main Floor
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Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?
  • Battery: This is a flashlight battery--the type that just pops into existence when you need it the most. It's a strange yet convenient phenomenon, but I do wish they'd stop appearing so far away.
  • Flashlight: This special flashlight is specifically designed for ghost trackers. These things hardly last more than a few minutes, though. Shoddy product design, if you ask me.
  • Ghost Statue: In Luigi's Ghost Mansion, you can zap ghosts with light to drain them of their supernatural energy. That's just the magic of Nintendo Land. Obviously, real ghosts would laugh at such a pathetic attack.
  • Robotic Arm: The lab appears to be long abandoned, but these arms are still hard at work assembling something. Running for so long without malfunctioning is quite a feat. I wonder who designed them?
  • Suit of Armor: A poltergeist decided to settle down in this ancient set of armor. They say when the park is closed, it saunters listlessly through the halls...
  • Super Light: When you're in trouble, this high-powered battery will turn up to help you zap apparitions with ease. But why can't they appear before you're in a pinch?


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイージのゴーストマンション
Ruīji no gōsutomanshon
Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Dutch Luigi's spookhuis Luigi's spookhouse
French Luigi et le manoir hanté Luigi and the haunted mansion
German Luigis Geistervilla Luigi's Ghost Villa
Italian La casa infestata di Luigi Luigi's haunted house
Portuguese Luigi na Mansão Assombrada Luigi in the Haunted Mansion
Russian Луиджи и его дом с призраками
Luidzhi i yego dom s prizrakami
Luigi and his haunted house
Spanish La mansión fantasmal de Luigi Luigi's Ghostly Mansion


  • According to an Iwata Asks interview, Luigi's Ghost Mansion helped adjust a mechanic used in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's multiplayer mode, the ScareScraper. Originally, the developers wanted a fallen Luigi to stay dead and could not be revived. After playing Luigi's Ghost Mansion, they changed it so other players could revive a fallen Luigi.[2]


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