This page is an appeal system for reminders, warnings, and last warnings. If you feel you have wrongly received a reminder or a warning, follow the instructions below to appeal the reminder/warning to the administrators. Please keep discussions civil.

Archived appeals can be found here.

This page observes the no-signature policy.


If you feel that you have been wrongfully given a reminder and/or warning, you can have your case heard here. Please read through the "How-to" and the "Rules" carefully. Please note that both the users appealing the reminder/warning and the users who issued the reminder/warning are given a chance to present the administrators with reasons to rule in their favor. However, said comments can only be edited once; this will not expand into lengthy, back-and-forth arguments such as the ones found in proposal comments and talk page discussions.


  1. Reminders and/or Warnings given by an administrator or patroller cannot be appealed.
  2. No case can be heard more than once. Once a decision is made, that decision is final.
  3. If the reminder or warning you issued is overturned, do not re-add it, or it will be removed immediately, and you may be reprimanded yourself if the administrators feel it is necessary.


This is an example of what your appeal should look like; improperly formatted appeals will be deleted. If you are inexperienced or unsure how to set up this format, simply copy the following template and paste it into the fitting section. Then replace the "[subject]" variables (including the squared brackets) with information to customize your proposal.

===[Your username here]===
*[Insert link to reminder/warning from your talk page]
====[Your username here]====
*[Insert your comments on why the reminder/warning was unnecessary]
====[The issuer of the warning's username here]====
*[Insert your comments on why the reminder/warning was necessary (this section is for the issuer only)]

Important: After posting your appeal, make sure that you use {{AppealNotice}} to inform the issuer that his or her warning/reminder is under dispute.


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