MarioWiki:Empty sections

For the purpose of this policy, a page section is defined the content below a given page header. For example, this code creates a new Biography section:

== Biography ==

A section is said to be empty when its only purpose is to link to another page. For example:

== Biography ==
{{main|Biography of John Doe}}


Even with the use of the {{main}} template, a page section must contain content which summarizes or covers at least some of the content of the main article which is being linked. Page sections are not meant to just be hyperlinks. Readers should be able to gather some information from the section and can follow the link to the {{main}} article if they want more details. Note that the sections should ideally be original writing (or in the case of galleries, feature a reasonably wide range of material) and not simply consist of random content copied from the target page.

Here are some examples of what content to add for some of our common empty sections:

Section Content example
Glitches Cover some of the most-known glitches, a summary of glitches
Staff The key people in making the game, key companies
Pre-release content What was shown at E3 that changed?
Quotes A small list of 5 to 10 of the best/most-memorable quotes
Gallery A small gallery of 5 to 10 pictures that show the variety of the subject
Media A small list of 4 to 5 audio files and 1 video file that best illustrates the article.

If a decent amount of information cannot be generated as content to fill an empty section (say, at least a paragraph), then it may not be suitable for the {{main}} link to exist as a section. Instead, create a "See also" section at the bottom of the page and link to the article from there. Section headers exist to contain content first and foremost, so this would be the most-acceptable way to link to the additional information.