Patrollers are users who have been promoted and given additional rights and responsibilities. They are the lowest of the four ranks of wiki staff, beneath administrators (also known as sysops), bureaucrats, and the proprietor. The umbrella term "wiki staff" is preferred when referring to the administrators and patrollers of the wiki, but be aware that terms like "administrators" or "admins" have sometimes been used to refer to the entire wiki staff, including patrollers, rather than the specific administrator rank.


Patrollers were established on April 15, 2007 in order to counter vandalism that had been becoming more prevalent around the increasingly popular wiki. On March 26, 2008, the patroller rank was phased out due to a perceived redundancy with the administrator rank, however it was eventually brought back on January 11, 2009 as a rank for promising users who were still not quite ready to be full-on admins. New wiki staff members are typically promoted to patroller first, rather than straight to administrator. Users cannot ask to be promoted: all decisions on promotions and demotions are made by the current wiki staff, although users are free to decline if they are offered a chance to become a patroller.

In general, patrollers are considered equal to administrators in terms of their duties and responsibilities to the wiki when it comes to editing, enforcing rules and writing standards, and fighting vandalism. They should conduct themselves responsibly and maturely, be prepared to help less-experienced users when asked, and also seek guidance from the more-experienced admins when needed. Patrollers must check forum's wiki staff board on a regular basis and are encouraged to participate in any discussions or decisions being made there.

Patroller group rights

The wiki software has several important features that are restricted from usage by regular users. This page lists all the restricted features granted to patrollers (and other user ranks), but a more comprehensive overview is provided below. All of these abilities are also possessed by administrators.

  • Hiding specific revisions of a page from public view, including the associated edit summary if necessary.
  • Viewing and restoring hidden revisions.
  • Instantly reverting the most recent edits made to a page via rollback (note that any user can manually revert a page to an earlier version, patrollers can just do it faster).
  • Looking up a user's IP address via CheckUser.
  • Blocking user accounts, IP addresses and IP ranges for a specific time or indefinitely; see the blocking policy for more information.
  • Unblocking user accounts, IP addresses, and IP ranges.
  • Hiding inappropriate usernames from public view.
  • Marking edits as patrolled.
  • Having their own edits automatically marked as patrolled.

Current patrollers

The following is a list of all current patrollers. Administrators (including bureaucrats and the proprietor) are listed here.

See also

  • For information on how to become a patroller, see the FAQ.
  • For information that applies to staff members in general, see here.
  • Patrollers should also see the administrative base category for reference to policies and more.