As an encyclopedia, the Super Mario Wiki does not censor its content. This means that, in our effort to cover everything as accurately as possible, you may end up reading about a point in a game you have yet to reach, secrets you have yet to find, or content you disagree with. If you do not want to see information for a particular game, you should avoid any relevant articles or sections. You can also read more about censorship in the last point of MarioWiki:Courtesy.

There are times when game content gets revealed sooner than it was meant to be, usually through a broken street date or datamine, instead of being officially unveiled or shown off in an endorsed publication. In the case of leaks, so long as the information is credible (as in, the information is plainly verifiable and accessible to anyone, such as through a video or screenshot, but not something that is easily edited like a text document), we will not censor text about that content either. However, for legal reasons, images and media files of leaked content shall not be uploaded to the wiki until after the content has been released to the public or unveiled through official channels. Any files uploaded in violation of this rule will be immediately deleted, so please wait until release.