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Super Mario RPG
Prerelease box art for Super Mario RPG.
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer ArtePiazza[1]
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan November 17, 2023[2]
USA November 17, 2023[3]
Mexico November 17, 2023[4]
Brazil November 17, 2023[5]
Europe November 17, 2023[6]
Australia November 17, 2023[7]
South Korea November 17, 2023
Language(s) Deutsch
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Español (España)
Español (Latinoamérica)
Français (Canada)
Français (France)
Genre Platformer, RPG
ESRB:ESRB's E rating symbol - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
ACB:ACB PG.svg - Parental Guidance
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo Switch:
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Nintendo Switch:

Super Mario RPG is a Nintendo Switch remake of the 1996 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars released worldwide on November 17, 2023. First announced during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, this remake reimagines the original game in full 3D graphics, mostly maintaining the original characters' designs and proportions.[3] The game's soundtrack has also been rearranged with new orchestration by the original game's composer, Yoko Shimomura.[8] It was developed by ArtePiazza, a studio associated with Square Enix and known for their work on remaking entries in the Dragon Quest series.


Gameplay changes

  • Many of the cutscenes are now pre-rendered videos instead of in-game scenes and have been given more dynamic camera angles. Additionally, bosses have short scenes before battles begin.[3]
  • The game now features post-game content, including the ability to rematch bosses.[9]
  • Save files now display the player's current level for the party characters, amount of regular coins and Frog Coins in their possession, Flower Points, play time, the date, and time of the file saved. In the original game, the save files simply show the player's chosen name, location, and amount of Star Pieces collected.[10]
  • There are now only three save slots instead of four in the original game. This is mainly due to the introduction of autosaves.
  • Save files can now be deleted by pressing Y Button.
  • The game no longer pauses when picking up items on the field, or slows down when beginning a special attack in battle. This also applies for spells executed by enemies.
  • The game now autosaves in addition to the existence of Save Blocks.[11]
  • By default, moving the left Control Stick now makes Mario run on the field without the need to hold a button to do so. This can be changed in the System sub-menu.
  • By default, the player now presses A Button to confirm selections within the battle sub-menus rather than pressing the same buttons again after opening them. For this reason, special moves are interacted with A Button instead of Y Button. This can changed to the battle controls from the original game in the System sub-menu.
  • An Easy Mode, called "Breezy Mode"[11], was added to the game.[12] In this mode, the player can hold more items; enemies are weaker, having 10% less HP; the player's party is rewarded 20% more experience points, and Attack Action Commands are more lenient.[13] The player can switch between Breezy and Normal modes at any time from the menu.
  • The player can now fast-travel to places they've visited at least once, from the Map sub-menu.
  • The player can now move sideways when climbing the vines in Bean Valley.
  • The map to select where to go is now one big map, whereas in the original, it was a map for each region.
  • The player can now give up on any of the Six Door trials in Bowser's Keep at any time with Minus Button.
  • Grate Guy's Casino games are now free and no longer casino games.
    • Slot Machine was changed to Item Match.
    • Blackjack was changed to a memory game.


  • A Help selection has been added to the Other sub-menu.
  • Specials and enemy attacks now play out much faster.
  • Enemy attacks indicate if they cannot be blocked.[3]
  • Some enemy magic attacks can now be blocked, particularly those that target one character.
  • A "!" graphic indicates when to press the button to perform an Action Command, disappearing after enough well-timed presses.[3]It returns if they miss enough perfect Action Commands, however.
  • Perfectly pulling off an action command results in all enemies in battle being hit.[3]
  • In battles, a percentage and chain number have been added. The percentage increases by successfully performing consecutive action commands and guards.[14]When the Action Gauge is filled up all the way to 100%, the player can use a special ability called a Gauge Move. For three party members, Mario and his partners can unleash a combination attack based on who is in the party, called a Triple Move, in a similar vein to the Triple Techs from Chrono Trigger. One such attack, the Clown Car Barrage, involves Mario, Mallow and Bowser riding in the Koopa Clown Car to bombard foes from above with balls of fire, electricity, and ice.[3] Another, Star Riders, involves Mario, Mallow and Geno riding rainbow pathways and creating a starry explosion that hits a single enemy.
    • When activated during battle, Gauge Moves and Triple Moves can be used by pressing Minus Button.
      • The Bowyer fight has been reworked to accommodate an introduction to Triple Moves, given it is the first time three party members will be available; once his health is nearly depleted, he will shut off access to all three buttons. Geno then proposes using a Triple Move to get around this.
    • A Gauge Move called Toad Assist, in which Toad summons a treasure chest that produces a random item for the player. Its description reads, "Toad comes running to support you. Who knows what you might get?"[15]
  • It is now possible to swap party members mid-battle. Any party members that are Downed or turned into Mushrooms can be swapped out, or skipped when their turn comes up.
    • If all three current party members are Downed, any other active members automatically switch in.
  • When executing Thought Peek, the enemy's elemental and status weaknesses are displayed in addition to their current HP and thought.[11]
  • The party's remaining experience points for a level up for each character are now shown after winning a battle.


  • A new counterpart to the Shiny Stone, the Extra-Shiny Stone, has been added.[16]
  • The Signal Ring displays a text notification on the top-right corner of the screen to indicate the presence of Hidden Treasures. It is also now obtained by the NPC in the Mushroom Kingdom shop basement; in its place in Nimbus Land is a new upgraded version called the Echo Signal Ring that makes a noise the closer the player is to a Hidden Treasure.
  • Inventory items are now stackable, however there is a maximum quantity for items for which the player is allowed to carry, and the quantity amounts differ with certain items (i.e. the player can carry a maximum of 6 Pick Me Ups, and 3 Croaka Colas). If the player goes over the limit for a certain item, any more that are collected are sent to a storage box in Mario's Pad. In the original game, the player can carry up to 29 items, regardless of item type and quantity, and the player must discard at least one item in the Waste Basket if this limit is exceeded.
  • A Hidden Treasure containing a Red Essence in the Forest Maze has been relocated to an expanded version of the room where the party fights Bowyer, with a bush placed where it once existed in the original game.
  • The coin limit has increased from 999 coins to 9,999 coins.
  • The player can no longer sell rare items, weapons, or accessories.
  • The elapsed times for obtaining prizes from Sergeant Flutter at the Tall Cliff have been reduced by one second, making collecting them more difficult.
  • The Drill Claw and Star Gun weapons in the Six-Door Chamber have switched places.
  • The Booster's Charm item is no longer missible as it now becomes a guaranteed drop after winning Booster's post-game rematch battle, if they had failed the curtain minigame earlier.

Text changes and localization

The localization of the remake is not handled by Square Enix like that of the original, but rather by Nintendo's international divisions. Many text changes are made as a result of this.

  • The original game's subtitle Legend of the Seven Stars, exclusive to its English localization, is removed.
  • The game has now been localized in far more languages than the original, adding full translations for French (European and Canadian), German, Spanish (European and American), Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean.
  • Areas that have not been named in-game outside of official material in the original game are now given names, most of which are found in the Map screen.
  • Some text has been reformatted due to the greater screen resolution allowing for more text per line. In the Japanese text, furigana has been added to kanji terms.
  • Dialogue boxes now have separate name tags to indicate who is speaking.
  • The English script has been retranslated in various areas, either for consistency with later titles or to be more faithful to the Japanese script. However, these changes are relatively minor.
    • Several lines of dialogue no longer have as many words in all caps.
    • Many characters and enemies have been renamed:
      • Princess Peach is referred to as such in English rather than as "Princess Toadstool,"[3] matching her Japanese name as has been standard for the franchise since Super Mario 64, the following Super Mario franchise game released in 1996. This change also affects Toadstool's ???, which becomes "Peach's ???,"[17] as well as Belome's clone "Toadstool 2," renamed the "Peach Clone."
      • Unlike the original, the intro cutscene does not refer to Mario as "Super Mario," Bowser as "King Bowser," or Peach as "Princess Peach."
      • A number of enemies that are standard to the Super Mario franchise have been renamed to keep consistent with names established prior, and in two cases, since:
      • Remo Con has been renamed to Dollox,[18] making it consistent with Puppox.
      • Mukumuku has been renamed to Thropher,[18] a portmanteau of "throw" and "gopher."
      • Yaridovich has been renamed to Speardovich,[18] as the "Yari" part of his name is derived from the Japanese word for spear. This change also applies to his Machine Made copy.
      • Mack has been renamed to Claymorton,[20] a pun on "claymore" (a type of sword), which is also a portmanteau of the names "Clayton" and "Morton." This change also applies to his Machine Made copy.
      • Frogfucius has been renamed to the Frog Sage,[20] which is closer to his Japanese name.
      • Shyster has been renamed to Shymore,[10] a portmanteau of "Shy Guy" and "claymore."
      • The character Goomba has been renamed to Goomhilde, which matches her having a unique name in the Japanese script.[21]
      • Magikoopa has been renamed to Wizakoopa,[21] which matches it having a unique name in the Japanese script.
      • Peach now addresses her grandmother as Granny instead of Grandma.
      • Hinopio has been renamed to Cinder Toad, as the original name was a derivative of the Japanese name for Toads, Kinopio.
      • Pandorite has been renamed to Huhwhat,[22] which is closer to its Japanese name.
      • Hidon has been renamed to Whuhoh.
      • Box Boy has been renamed to Pleaseno.
      • Chester has been renamed to Comeon.
      • Kinklink has been renamed to Chaindelier, a portmanteau of "Chain Chomp" and "chandelier."[23]
      • As a consequence for Spookums regaining their "Snifit" names, the original Snifit enemy has been renamed to Snifster, a portmanteau of "Snifit" and "Booster."
      • Fireball has been renamed to Lava Blubble, a combination of "Lava Bubble" and "blue."
      • Pyrosphere has been renamed to Lava Babble.
      • Heavy Troopa has been renamed to Big Troopa.
      • Gorgon has been renamed to Enigmax, making it consistent with Enigma.
      • Fautso has been renamed to Jinnie.
      • Mokura has been renamed to Gassox.
      • Oerlikon has been renamed to Urspike, a combination of "urchin" and "spike," which is closer to its Japanese name.
      • Corkpedite has been renamed to Stompillar.
      • Gu Goomba has been renamed to Pro Goomba.
      • Tub-O-Troopa has been renamed to Grand Troopa.
      • Li'l Boo has been renamed to High Boo; the same as its Japanese name.
      • Earth Link has been renamed to Bad Adder, making it consistent with Mad Adder.
      • Exor's mouth, erroneously named Neosquid in the original game, has been renamed to Mouth, the same as its Japanese name.
      • Big Bertha has been renamed to Big Blaster, making it consistent with Blaster and potentially to avoid confusion with a former localized name for Big Cheep Cheep.
      • Forkies has been singularized to Forkie.
      • The Machine Made copy of Shymore (Shyster in the original game) is now referred to as a Bodyguard instead.
      • The Machine Made copy of the previously unused Drill Bit enemy now instead uses the name of Jabit.
      • The Koopa Troop has been renamed to Bowser's Minions.
    • Some moves have also been renamed:
      • Fire Orb has been renamed to Fireball.[18]
      • Super Flame has been renamed to Super Fireball.[18]
      • Ultra Flame has been renamed to Ultra Fireball.
      • Psychopath has been renamed to Thought Peek,[24] which is closer to its Japanese name, なにかんがえてるの (Whatcha Thinking?).
      • Drain has been renamed to Hot Shot, more overtly reflecting its nature as a fire attack.[10]
      • Mega Drain has been renamed to Fire Saber, more overtly reflecting its intended Japanese name and visuals.
      • Chomp has been renamed to Monster Toss,[25] better describing what it does and being more similar to its Japanese name.
      • Light Beam has been renamed to Light Bubble.
      • Corona has been renamed to Flare.
    • Some items have also been renamed:
    • Several thought quotes have been retranslated to be more accurate to the Japanese version, and some of them take advantage of the increased text capacity. For example, Wiggler's thought quote has been retranslated from "I'm just a helpless wiggler..." to "I'm just a friendly, harmless caterpillar,"[24] while Guerrilla's has been retranslated from "Don't confuse me with someone else!" to "I am a work of fiction. Any resemblance to preexisting apes is purely coincidental."[27]
    • A Plumber's Lament has been renamed to In Search of Lost Brother.
    • Some locations have also been renamed:
  • Enemies hit with elemental attacks they are weak or resistant to now have the words "Weakness" and "Resistance" next to the damage amount shown.
  • Areas now have their names shown on the screen.[11]
  • In the English localization, when using a healing item on another character, their line "THANK YOU!" has been shortened to "Thanks!."
  • When a targeted enemy has low HP, the words "Almost Down" are displayed beneath its name.[28]
  • Pop culture references that were introduced in the English release of the original game are omitted.
  • During the battle against Bowyer, Geno is labeled as "???" instead of his name, due to the battle taking place before the star uses the name Geno.
  • Culex's introduction was largely rewritten to better reflect his Japanese characterization in the English localization, in particular making it more overt that he is a 2D character in a 3D world, although some parts introduced in the original English localization (such as his ties to the Dark Mage) were still retained.
  • Wizakoopa's incantation has changed from "Ho'okalakupua" (Hawaiian for "magic") in the original game to "Uget watchoo peifore." (a phonetic variation on the phrase, you get what you pay for).
  • In the Weapon World, Bowser now consider Mario's party under his breath as "nincompoops" instead of "cretins" in the original game.
  • Due to the introduction of the Sound Player, every song in the game now has an officially localized title in every available language, whereas they were previously only available on the Japanese album Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version.

Graphical changes

Scenes and environments

  • In the opening cutscene, Peach does not exclaim "HELP!". The final part of the music in the cutscene is also extended slightly. It is also still stormy outside when Mario discovers Peach's abduction, when originally it was changed to clear skies like before.
  • The sign for Mario's Pad now has "Mario House" written on it instead of "Pipe House".[3]
  • The Mushroom Kingdom is now surrounded by castle walls, reflecting its Japanese name キノコ城 (Mushroom Castle).
  • Mushroom Castle in-game now has a blue roof and white walls to match its appearance in the original game's world map.[3]
  • Bowser's Keep now takes design elements from the incarnation of Bowser's Castle in Mario Kart 8, namely the banners and the Bowser emblem having a shield shape.
    • Upon the player's first visit, the passageways of Bowser's Keep have blue lighting while they have red on the second visit.
  • Environments now extend outward past the map edges instead of ending in a void, with the exception of interiors.[3]
  • The Star Road has been redesigned from a simple yellow star to a crystal-like rainbow star. It also animates, unlike the original game.
  • The color of the Star Piece from the sea has changed from blue to pink.[31]
  • The Geno doll now fires toy star projectiles instead of a small rocket in the original game.
  • In the cutscene in which Geno awakens in the Rose Town inn, Geno now hits his head on the edge of the table instead of the side of the staircase in the original game.
  • The sealed door in Monstro Town that leads to Culex's room has been colored black.
  • Culex (and by extension, his 3D rematch) now has a unique defeat animation, where he disintegrates, instead of exploding like a normal enemy.
  • When getting a Game Over, the screen now fades to black, with the exception of the player.
  • There is now a clearing in a passageway in Nimbus Castle indicating the presence of the invisible passageway to the Hidden Treasure.
  • The standard "Mario acquires the Star Piece" cutscene now plays after the Axem Rangers were defeated and the Blade crashes. In the original game, because of how the scene played out in a distance, it simply showed the Star Piece descending to Mario before heading straight back up.
  • The floor in Smithy's room when fought in his second form is no longer comprised solely of other Smithy heads. There are also parts of Claymorton, Bowyer, and Speardovich scattered in the room.
  • After Smithy is firmly defeated in his second form, the room they were in is now completely barren with all the Smithy Heads having vanished (presumably being destroyed in Smithy's explosion). In the original game, the Smithy heads were still present, albeit greyed out even after Smithy blew up.
  • Before Exor disappears in the ending scene, his expression is different to reflect the Smithy Gang's defeat. He also turns grey before disappearing entirely. The sky afterwards is now set during nighttime instead of daytime.
  • The ending montage is now structured differently:
    • The Star Road only appears once in the beginning, where it flashes all seven Star Piece colors at once rather than appearing seven times where it flashes each respective color of the Star Piece. Curiously, the pink star wave pulses before the purple one.
    • The order of the scenes in the montage has been rearranged.
    • Two scenes have been added, taking place in the Rose Town inn and Monstro Town respectively.
    • The final scene of the montage has been changed to an extended group shot of many of the game's characters in the theater stage where leveling up takes place.
  • The credits scene now starts off with the original 16-bit graphics before shifting to the 3D models when night falls.
  • The scene after the credits now features Mallow, Bowser, and the Geno doll watching the fireworks with Mario and Peach. The star-shaped float now remains still during this scene.

Characters and objects

  • Some in-game models and 3D renders of characters in this game, such as Speardovich and Bowyer, more closely resemble their sprite appearances rather than their designs from the official artwork of the original game. Some character models, such as Geno or Valentina's, also use colors based on their sprites in that game.
  • Mario has visible animations while swimming over the water surface.[3]
  • Toad is now the only one of the Toads in that wore a blue vest in the original game to still wear one; the others now wear red.
  • Wizakoopa now appears normal sized in battle, rather than being larger than Bowser.[3]
  • Characters not unique to the game, such as Princess Peach, Cheep Cheeps, and Paratroopas, inherit characteristics from their modern designs.[3]
    • Yoshis are more closely designed to their modern proportions and color schemes: Yoshi wears orange shoes, Yellow Yoshis wear green shoes, and Red Yoshis have a redder hue, with spikes and shells colored red instead of blue. Boshi, on the other hand, retains his distinct attire and classic shell design but now lacks fangs. He also no longer wears half shoes.[3]
  • Valentina's hit animations are changed to have less exaggerated movement on her breasts. The parrot on her head also no longer has a shocked expression when Valentina is hit.
  • Valentina's drink now has a slice of lime in it instead of a cherry, making it resemble an actual margarita drink and better reflecting her Japanese name.
  • Card suit symbols are no longer superimposed over the characters when using special moves.[32]
  • A barrier now appears when perfectly guarding against an attack.[32]
  • When characters level up, they are seen dancing on a theater stage, while in the original game, the character who leveled up appears in a Warp Pipe.[33]
  • Bosses now pop into stars after fading away.
  • Party characters now aim at their targets when attacking, especially for airborne enemies like Carroboscis. Enemies likewise also turn to face their targets when attacking.
  • Some bosses now have special animations when hit with certain special moves in addition to the original text callouts, like Croco spinning around while his tail is on fire, or Claymorton being stunned with electricity.[11]
  • Enemies now show when they are afflicted with a negative status effect.
  • Enemies now have defeat animations before disappearing.
  • The disk of light from Geno Whirl is now shaped like a buzzsaw, fitting in line with its Japanese name ジーノカッター (Geno Cutter).
  • Johnny's field size now matches his battle size.
  • All party members receive new victory poses, except Geno.
    • Mario takes off then puts on his hat, Mallow jumps then raises his hands, and Peach spins then raises her right arm when they perform their victory poses.[3][32]
    • Bowser now poses similar to his artwork from Super Mario Galaxy instead of doing a fist pump when he performs his victory pose.
  • Several consumable items now either resemble how they appeared from their official designs from the original game, or have changed colors from their original sprites. Items that target the entire party are depicted having three straws.
    • Tadpola Colas have changed from yellow to pink.
    • Frogleg Colas have changed from blue to purple.
    • Finless Colas have changed from red to deep purple.
    • Croaka Colas have changed from green to dark purple.
    • Party Bracers have changed from yellow to orange.
    • Party Energizers are now a darker green.
    • The four bomb items now resemble their original renders from the original game, rather than being in solid colors with the letter B on them.
      • Ice Bombs now have a snowman image rather than a Freezie-like creature in the original render.
    • Yoshi Cookies now appear in the checker type than the flower type in the original game, to differentiate from Thropher Cookies.
  • Culex's sprite now flashes when he performs a physical attack, making it easier for the player to guard against it; an indicator of an enemy attacking in 2D Final Fantasy games.
  • The five Chewies on the Warp Pipes in Bean Valley now correctly appear as green.
  • Mr. Kippers and Crusties now have their correct colors when underwater, instead of appearing identical to Cheep Cheeps and Star Crusters respectively.
  • Birdo now wears her diamond ring and makeup as depicted from her modern design, however her torso has been elongated. She also now hides in her egg upon defeat rather than disappearing.
  • The Czar Dragon now has actual legs, revealing them when casting spells, as well as a neck, albeit surrounded by Lava Babbles. Before, his original game sprites depicted his neck and legs composed only of Lava Babbles.
  • Hammers thrown by Poundettes for their "Fear Hammer" attack are now enveloped in purple smoke.
  • Smithy now wears the yellow Star Piece around his neck on a chain necklace, instead of it being attached to his body in the original game.
  • Toads of various cap types during the ending parade now carry poles with stars on top, some of which are colored after the Star Pieces. The Beetle Mania Toad now participates, in the second group of Toads.

Statistical changes

  • The Terrapins at the start of the game now give coins and experience points.[15]
  • Mallow knows Thought Peek by default when he joins the party, instead of having to level up to level 6 to learn it.[32]
  • Item morph rates for most enemies with the Yoshi Cookie item have changed, lowered from the original game (significantly for some enemies), making obtaining items through this method more difficult.
  • Raspberry now has a status weakness to Mute, despite the player not having access to an ability that inflicts it at that point.
  • The HP values for King Calamari's left and right tentacles (260 and 200, respectively) have been switched from the original game.
  • Culex now has an experience point yield of 732, instead of 600 in the original game. As a result, the four crystals no longer yield experience points.
  • Machine Made copies of Speardovich no longer drop Rock Candies upon defeat.

Audio changes

  • The game's soundtrack is re-recorded with new arrangements, live-recorded by Square Enix's in-house orchestra. These can be changed to the original music from the SNES game.[12]
    • Although the original SNES game had various orchestral instruments in its soundfont,[34] these were sampled from the sound modules and samplers of the era, as live recording of large numbers of instruments or full musical scores was not possible for SNES game soundtracks.
    • In a similar manner to some Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster tracks, several of the orchestrated arrangements are slightly longer or add new parts to them compared to the SNES soundtrack. For example, the normal battle theme now has an extended part that plays after the loop, the Forest Maze theme has an added segment about a minute in that includes violins, and the theme that plays in the second phase of Smithy's fight has a guitar that plays at the beginning of it.
  • The "puzzle solved" jingle that plays when talking to Link in the Rose Town inn now uses the sample from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • Bowser and the Yoshis now use voice effects from their voice actors. However, other major characters remain unvoiced.
  • The boss music track now plays for Clerk, Manager, and Director instead of the normal battle theme in the original game.


  • The opening attract sequence now plays after waiting on the title screen.
  • There are two less Terrapins on the field in Bowser's Keep than in the original game.
  • If the player gets a Game Over, a Toad will now give gameplay tips. It also now goes to the file select screen instead of the last saved location. As a result, the player can no longer retain any accrued experience points, items, or coins as they could in the original game.
  • The player can make Yoshi jump when Mario is riding on him by pressing the Y Button button.
  • Save files cannot be named. As a result, the player's current user profile name for their Nintendo Switch console is now the password Booster uses for the door at the top of Booster Tower. In the original game, it was the name the player creates for their file.
  • There are now more group dialogues between party members in the story, including new dialogue on Vista Hill before revisiting Bowser's Keep.
  • In the Japanese version, and the English translation thereof, Straw Head and Reacher had their Thought Peek quotes switched from the original game, before it was fixed in the game's 1.0.1 version patch.
  • After defeating Croco in Bandit's Way, the trampoline that sends Mario back to the first area no longer appears.
  • Samus no longer disappears from the Mushroom Kingdom guest room.
  • The "secret code" originally found exclusively in the Super Famicom version (Down Button, Up Button, Right Button, Left Button, L Button, R Button, L Button, R Button, B Button while paused) can now be activated in all regions.



  • Left Stick — Move
  • A Button — Interact/Talk/Confirm
  • B Button — Jump/Cancel
  • Hold L Button/R Button/ZL Button/ZR Button — Run
Dash Default Movement
  • Left Stick — Run
  • Hold L Button/R Button/ZL Button/ZR Button — Walk


  • Left Stick — Select
  • A Button — Attack
  • Y Button — Specials
  • X Button — Items
  • B Button — Options
  • Minus Button — Gauge Move/Triple Move
Type A Battle Controls
  • A Button — Confirm/Interact
  • B Button — Cancel (after selecting main command)
Type B Battle Controls
  • A Button — Confirm (Attack)
  • Y Button — Confirm (Specials)
  • X Button — Confirm (Items)
  • B Button — Confirm (Options)
  • Any button — Cancel

Monster List

  • L Button/R Button — Scroll
  • X Button — Display Thought Peek quote
  • Y Button — Play animation
  • Plus Button — Icon info

New features

Action Gauge

A new gameplay mechanic is the Action Gauge. When the player successfully performs Action Commands, the Action Gauge fills by a percentage. When filled to 100%, the player can use a special ability called a Gauge Move, or a Triple Move with three active party members. Using these moves depletes the Action Gauge, which can then be filled up again.


Another new battle mechanic is the inclusion of Chains when executing Action Commands for their attacks, Specials or guards. The party earns temporary buffs to their stats when successfully chaining Action Commands, and the buffs increase the higher their chain count: 2 chains provides a "Small Boost", 3 chains provide a "Regular Boost", and 5 provide a "Big Boost". Every 10 chains fills the Action Gauge by a moderate amount.

The type of buffs rewarded to the party is dependent on the party members present in battle, each with their own inherent and exclusive Ally Buff.

  • Mario: Action Gauge fills faster
  • Mallow: Magic Attack increases
  • Geno: Attack and Speed increases
  • Bowser: Defense increases
  • Peach: Magic Defense increases

The number of chains and Ally Buffs carries over in other battles until the player misses an Action Command, in which case the player loses their buffs and their chain count is set to zero.

Special Enemies

Image of a "Special Enemy" version of an Octolot from the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario RPG
A special version of an Octolot.

In a similar vein to the "Shiny" enemies in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the player may randomly encounter stronger identical versions of regular enemies in battle, called "Special Enemies".[35] A special enemy has triple the stats of its regular counterpart, and is immune to Critical Hits. Defeating it rewards the player with twice the amount of coins and experience points, and one Frog Coin. The rate of encountering a special enemy is 20%.[36]

Item quantities

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In Normal Mode, each item has a different limit on how many can be collected. If the limit is exceeded for a certain item, any more that are collected are sent to a storage box in Mario's Pad which the player can retrieve at any point if they go under the limit again. In Breezy Mode, the maximum quantity of all items is 30.

Item Normal Mode maximum quantity
Image of a Mushroom from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Image of a Mid Mushroom from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Mid Mushroom
Image of a Max Mushroom from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Max Mushroom
Image of a Tadpola Cola from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Tadpola Cola
Image of a Frogleg Cola from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Frogleg Cola
Image of a Finless Cola from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Finless Cola
Image of a Croaka Cola from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Croaka Cola
Image of a Honey Syrup from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Honey Syrup
Image of a Maple Syrup from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Maple Syrup
Image of a Royal Syrup from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Royal Syrup
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Pick Me Up
Image of a Cleansing Juice from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Cleansing Juice
Image of a Party Cleanse from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Party Cleanse
Image of a Bracer from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Image of an Energizer from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Image of a Party Bracer from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Party Bracer
Image of a Party Energizer from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Party Energizer
Image of a Yoshi-Ade from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Image of a Red Essence from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Red Essence
Image of a Pure Water from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Pure Water
Image of a Poison Mushroom from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Poison Mushroom
Image of a Sleepy Bomb from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Sleepy Bomb
Image of a Fright Bomb from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Fright Bomb
Image of a Fire Bomb from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Fire Bomb
Image of an Ice Bomb from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Ice Bomb
Image of a Rock Candy from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Rock Candy
Image of a Yoshi Candy from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Yoshi Candy
Image of a Yoshi Cookie from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Yoshi Cookie
Image of a Thropher Cookie from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Thropher Cookie
Image of a Mushroom from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Mushroom (Monstro Town)
Wilt Shroom 10
Rotten Mush 10
Moldy Mush 10


Unlocked after given a map of the world by a Toad NPC, the player can fast-travel to areas they already visited.

Mushroom Kingdom Region
Tadpole Pond Region
Yo'ster Island Region
Moleville Region
Star Hill Region
Land's End Region
Nimbus Land Region
Bowser's Keep Region

Monster List

Main article: Monster List

A new menu feature is the Monster List, a bestiary that can be filled up by encountering different enemies. For each enemy, the player can view its name, experience yield, weaknesses, drops, locations, times defeated, a short description, Thought Peek text, and animations.[37][38]


Main article: Scrapbook (Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch)

Another new feature in the game is the Scrapbook that chronicles the events of the game with pictures and journal entries from party characters.[21]

Post-game content

After clearing the game at least once, a star is added to the player's save file, and opening the file takes the player to Mario's Pad, in the events right before fighting Smithy. At this point the player can rematch several bosses. Upon defeat, some of the bosses reward the player with new equipment, while others reward new weapons for Mallow, Geno, and Bowser. Clearing the game also unlocks a Sound Player and statistical list in the Journal sub-menu.

Sound Player

Main article: Sound Player

The Sound Player allows the player to listen to the tracks from both the original Super Nintendo and current versions of this game.

Play Report

Main article: Play Report

The Play Report lists records of some of the player's activity on their save file, and rewards them with gold medals when beating minigame records.


Upon loading a save file after defeating Smithy, Mario will awaken back at his house, with Toad entering and giving him a Stay Voucher for the Marrymore Hotel. After staying for a night at the hotel, Geno will suggest Mario visit Star Hill, where new wishes have appeared, which unlock boss rematches against several of the game's bosses. Mario must talk to the Frog Sage in order to initiate these rematches.

After finishing all the boss rematches, Culex's door in Monstro Town reappears; using the Extra-Shiny Stone removes the seal on the door and the player can then have a rematch with Culex in a much tougher battle. Defeating him rewards the player with a Crystal Shard commemoration item. Defeating Smithy after this includes some of the boss characters in the game's ending cutscenes.


Order bonuses

By pre-ordering the game through GameStop, customers also receive a six-piece button set.[39] By ordering the game through the My Nintendo Store in Europe, customers also get a keyring featuring artwork of Geno and an acrylic standee of the game's party members and logo. A pin set bundle is also available to purchase.

Tetris 99

In Tetris 99, a theme based on Super Mario RPG was made available during the 36th Maximus Cup, featuring several songs from the soundtrack.


Main article: List of Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) staff

The Nintendo Switch remake of Super Mario RPG was developed by ArtePiazza in collaboration with Nintendo. From the original version's staff, Yoshihiko Maekawa, who co-directed the original game as well as Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, acted as supervisor and Yoko Shimomura, who composed the music for the original version as well as all games in the Mario & Luigi series, rearranged the soundtrack for the remake.

Update history

Version Release date Official note More information
1.0.0 Initial release
1.0.1 December 12, 2023[40] Fixes Related to Game Progression

If you have already encountered the following issues, downloading this update data will resolve the issues.

  • Fixed an issue where, after the event where you encounter Paratroopas in Monstro Town, game progression would sometimes be blocked because the Paratroopas would not appear at Land's End.
  • Fixed an issue where, after ending a battle with an enemy in the Mushroom Kingdom, game progression would sometimes be blocked because another battle would continuously start immediately after.
  • Fixed an issue where, during an event in Marrymore, game progression would sometimes be blocked because Mario would remain surprised.
  • Fixed an issue in the Bowser's Keep section with six doors where it was sometimes not possible to enter doors five and six.
    • Note: If the above issue occurs, leaving the section with the six doors and returning again will resolve the issue.
  • Fixed an issue where, in the Sunken Ship area with many cannons, game progression would sometimes be blocked because Mario would remain surprised.
  • Fixed an issue where, when stomping on a Shogun in Land’s End, game progression would sometimes be blocked because the screen would not change.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, when using Thought Peek on Straw Head and Reacher, the messages were switched.
This update was first announced on November 22, 2023 at 1:00 UTC by Nintendo's customer service account.[41]


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo Switch Matt Gosper, Stevivor 9.5/10 "Small improvements make all the difference with Super Mario RPG, like a less impossible minigame post-battle to double your winnings, or even just the addition of an autosave function – which Toad winkingly calls out, even as he goes through the original game’s tutorial on manual saving. It feels like a game made in reverence to the original, bringing it to a new audience while also reminding returning players what was so great about it in the first place."
Nintendo Switch Hayes Madsen, Inverse 7/10 "But even beloved classics can show signs of age. It feels like a missed opportunity to not apply more meaningful changes to Super Mario RPG beyond mere visuals. This version could have included new combat mechanics, new story sections or details, or even new minigames. Super Mario RPG is a classic, but there’s undoubtedly room for improvement, and streamlining or altering parts of the original would have been justifiable. As a remake Super Mario RPG is fine, but there’s a sense that this could have been better. At the very least, the fact that a new generation will get to experience a defining RPG like it was new, is good enough."
Nintendo Switch Zhiqing Wan, Twinfinite 4/5 "At the end of the day, I’m glad I got to play this refined version of Super Mario RPG. It’s a game that garnered quite a bit of critical and fan acclaim back when it first released in 1996, and the 2023 remake is a loving recreation that will appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers alike. While I wish it could’ve been just a little bit more streamlined, it’s hard to complain too much about a game that just makes you smile and feel good for playing it."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 84


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References to other games

References in other games

  • Tetris 99: An event was held to get a theme based on Super Mario RPG

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオRPG[2]
Sūpā Mario RPG
Super Mario RPG
Chinese (Simplified) 超级马力欧RPG
Chāojí Mǎlì'ōu RPG
Super Mario RPG
Chinese (Traditional) 超級瑪利歐RPG[42]
Chāojí Mǎlì'ōu RPG
Super Mario RPG
Dutch Super Mario RPG[43] -
French Super Mario RPG[44][45] -
German Super Mario RPG[46] -
Italian Super Mario RPG[47] -
Korean 슈퍼 마리오 RPG[48]
Syupeo Mario RPG
Super Mario RPG
Portuguese Super Mario RPG[49] -
Spanish Super Mario RPG[50][51] -

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  • In contrast to the updated graphics and music, three instances of the remake use the original game's graphics and music:
    • Beetle Mania maintains the 2D graphics and audio seen in the SNES version, with the only visual alteration being a Game Boy-style border.
    • Culex remains a 2D sprite in his first battle, which more closely reflects his origin in the Japanese version of the original game. The music played during his first battle is also reused.
    • The credits start out with the original game's graphics and credits theme, until the parade scene transitions to night, where Geno's true form flies over and the remainder of the credits switches over to the updated graphics and credits theme afterward.


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