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An amiibo drawing in WarioWare Gold

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The 'Shroom
The 'Shroom calendar for 2023
January 21st
February 18th
March 18th
April 15th
May 20th
June 17th
July 15th
August 19th
September 16th
October 14th
November 18th
December 23rd
Issue 200
November 18th, 2023
Staff Sections
Staff Notes
The latest newsletter announcements!
The 'Shroom Spotlight
RHG puts the Spotlight on wiki articles that need editing!
Awards Director Election
You get to decide who runs the Awards Committee next year!
Fake News
A section full of fictional news for your entertainment.
Fun Stuff
A series of games and fun sections for readers to participate in.
Palette Swap
The artistic part of the wiki, box-arts, music, comics and more!
Pipe Plaza
News, statistics, and other factual overviews.
Critic Corner
Reviews and opinion pieces for games, movies, books, and more.
Strategy Wing
In-depth analysis and instructional sections for crafting new strategies.
Staff Specials and Acknowledgements
Find out more about the movie featured in issue 195!
The 'Shroom Staff
Come see our brand new mall! It's all of The 'Shroom, it's the 'ShrooMall!
The 'Shroom Staff
A look back at 100 issues of Section of the Month!
The founder of all things MarioWiki has some things to say to you!
Former Director Super Mario Bros. reflects on The 'Shroom's history.
Want a fully unobstructed view of the fireworks? Click here!
It's time to battle and get a rattle as Glowsquid gives a primer on the wild and wonderful world of Medabots.
Shoey dives into the lore involving Sonic's Archie affairs!
Learn how to install and customize the Debian OS!
Spice up your Mario Kart 8 experience with randomized picks of driver, kart, and track!
Waluigi Time takes you on a tour of The 'Shroom HQ... as built in Minecraft!
A special piece of art from BBQ Turtle celebrating the community!
Rose looks back at their younger self's Smash Bros. roster!
A comprehensive guide on fun tidbits from the Mario Kart series!
Find out just how intertwined music and gameplay are in the Super Mario games.
Can you separate truth from fantasy?
Take a trip down to the Pokémon Day Care!
Reminiscing on old playthroughs of the first two M&L games.
A collection of tunes submitted by you!
A history taking you back to Backlund!
TFP (talk) and collaborators
Mario Wiki members reflect on their experiences with Love Live!
Re-live classic forum game moments in visual novel form!
Short stories, with community-suggested premises, from MightyMario!
Learn a little about the adventures of Bubblun and Toadette in the Car Wash!
Everything you could want to know about Rayman 3!
Final words to wrap up the issue!